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I See...

I got two paws...

Author: wfSeg

2nd Day in FFXIV "I am now a Sexy Miner"

Posted by wfSeg Thursday September 23 2010 at 11:25PM
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Was a lot better than the 1st day =).

I still couldn't find a place to kill mobs... to grind (yeah play Korean MMOs a lot and you'll want to grind in every game too). So I decided to buy a bunch of tools (pickax, saw, hatchet, fishing rod, etc) and go about leveling my Disciple of Hand/Land jobs. Turns out I should've done that from the start lol.

Turns out if I want to do battle, I have to do the guildleves, which can be obtained close by the NPC that gives the starting quests. It's also a good idea to do the starting quest and finish it, because it gives a lot of gil. That's how I was able to buy the equipment I needed to change jobs (to change job, just change the main equipment, real easy).

Only problem I have with the job system is that it doesn't memorize the skills I set down in the main hand/off hand. Each time I change job, I have to rearrange all the skills.

As for the gathering / crafting, my miner and botanist rank is higher than my starting profession, the lancer. I haven't started crafting yet.. just been gathering pretty much the whole day. And whenever I see a mob, I'll switch to my waraxe and hope I get to it before someone else does (which they usually do..need to learn about macros to change equpments faster if someone care to share).

Another thing I liked about FFXIV, there is no KSing (kill stealing). Once a person is in combat with a mob, no one else (except the party) can join in.

Same as yesterday, I have Aion running in the background for the Scorching Heat "Event". That game is still a steaming pile of shit. Broken PVP and a system that is built around/encourages griefing. Not to mention, NCsoft... I'm worried about GW2. Glad my sub ends in Oct.

Still not sure whether to sub to FFXIV or not, but I still got 30days+6days headstart to decide. If worst comes to worst, I'll just hop back into EVE (two subs still running >:D) and farm ISK for PLEX (EVE is basically F2P for me =D )