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I See...

I got two paws...

Author: wfSeg


Posted by wfSeg Thursday June 30 2011 at 10:36PM
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Someone linked this in a forum post on mmorpg, I saw the whole video. Reality is harsh.

Meh, one day when I have enough time to grind plex I'll come back to EVE, play it for free. Or, if EVE decides to be F2P I'll come back right away =p. I'm not paying subs anymore.

btw, never heard of battlefield heroes...

Stick it to em

Posted by wfSeg Wednesday June 29 2011 at 4:11AM
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for once, i would like to see it work. but i doubt it will. at the end of the day, ccp will still be holding ppl by their balls and swimming in cash. ppl are saying 'oh they're just a minority', 'oh they'll all just silently resub', 'oh the crybabies are all leaving yay'.  I don't really care who's right or who's wrong here. ccp can charge what they want, customers can complain all they want. But, I'm just sick of the community and the company.

ccp's unapologetic attitude, treating ppl like dirt. feels like they're saying 'oh go ahead and leave, we'll just find other paying sheeps to hand us money in your place.'

in a couple of months, things will most likely return to status quo, and this will be a minor blight on ccp's record. but stick it to em, those pricks.

Summer Festival and Skirmishes

Posted by wfSeg Monday June 27 2011 at 5:00AM
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Did my first Skirmish today. Did my first instance run yesterday. Having a nice Kin to group with and learn stuff is very beneficial. I didn't know my minstrel is the main healer, well sort of known it, but didn't experience healing in a fellowship until yesterday. Good thing there were a couple of RKs there to help heal too, I think.

Still, it was very hectic. Great thing dying wasn't a pain at all. Just retreat, and run back to fellowship asap.

Skirmishes are really exciting. Did one with two others in my kin. Then did another with two other kinsmen, but higher levels so all the monsters were read. Last one I did was with a full group. That really captures the feel of a big battle. Most of the skirmishes I did was the Gondamon one. Did one in Tuckborough, but that had a different feel. Also very intense, but it wasn't a 'defend the castle' feel.

Have to learn how to train and slot my soldier. Still haven't figured out how to customize him though.

The Summer Festival is a good break from the game. Ran around a LOT, but it provided a great opportunity for exploration, fishing, and drinking. Drank till my Hobbit muddled his wits (and beyond to the 'Wha...Wait..Where? ..What?' stage). Went fishing in various locales.

Got my Sunshine title. Now just need Lucky Duck, =_= but haven't won a single Hobbit race bet. Need to save a lot of Marks to redeem for the two Summer steeds. Got 4 racing marks, ugh, before I looked at the npc to see I only needed 1 for each horse + 20 summer marks.

Before this, I was mostly confined to the Shire and Bree. I only just made my way into the Barrows and was grinding away the deeds. Went to the Forsaken Inn once. But now, because of the Inn League quests to deliver wine, beer, ale to various people, I've been to Thorin's Hall, Celondim, Duillond, Lone Land, and even Rivendell.

The mobs at Rivendell are scary though, and I only made it through after a death from the Mountain Drakes whom I agroed while runing away from pesky hiding wolves that knocked me off my pony. Overall, I'm still a noob to this game, and there are tons of places I have to explore. But, at the moment, I'm just enjoying the scenary, the events, and battles.

Next goal is to get a house. A delux one for all the fishing trophy and Summer Festival decorations I earned.

I'm really glad to have found a good Kin. It was fun and relaxing to solo my way through 20ish levels, and I could do that all the way to 65 (yeah right), but it's challenging and exciing to do things with a group of people. Plus, the exp gain is insanely fast with the 50% bonus exp weekend + my 25% exp stone!

LoL Dreamhack day 2

Posted by wfSeg Sunday June 19 2011 at 5:29PM
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200k + concurrent viewers on a livestream. I was one of those viewers :).

TSM and aAa matches were really, really good. EG vs FN was good too, but only the 2nd game, the 1st one was won pretty handedly by FN.

Even though TSM and EN didn't make it through semis (and CLG was fifth =_=), the EU teams were really impressive.


In the EG vs FN semi-finals, Doublelift's Blitzcrank play was great but that didn't stop FN's push. I think both sides had great teamwork and skill. Actually, EG had greater skill individually. The key difference was the strategies. FN got the Dragon timing down pat, knew when to Baron, and were more aggressive. EG was ahead in kills the entire game in game 2, and I thought they would win, but they couldn't push as hard as FN. They had the advantage, but they let it slip, and FN pushed back and kept pushing. They didn't let up. Well, Dan Dinh on EG was one heck of an aggressive Nunu, but face checking bushes is never a good idea! :)

It's pretty much the same for the aAa vs TSM match. aAa looked like they were winning game 1, even though they were behind in kills and gold. They were much more aggressive when they had to be, and though they lost game 1 by mere seconds in a base race, they won games 2 and 3.

All of these teams had great team work, and great skill. I believe EU came out on top because they were more coordinated. NA teams have a lot of individual talent (HSGG, Doublelift, Westrice, etc), but EU did too and they also have good tactics. Hiding in the enemy's jungle near the Baron and ambusing them, using teleport on Malzahar on the wards to coordinate a gank with an Ashe arrow across the map, and using Rumble to melt Vlad's face...

Side note, disconnects in a LAN at a tourney? If EG's Westrice's Vayne didn't dc'd, wonder how game 1 would've turned out.


Posted by wfSeg Wednesday June 15 2011 at 1:27AM
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Just read this topic,

Along a similar line, but on a different game, LOTRO.

The environment and music is beautiful. Heck, the first time I went into the spider's lair in Old Forest, I was nervous because of how freaky the ambiance was.

Don't have much time to play nowadays, but I do read up on gaming news and I would just like to say something about XIV. I don't care if it's currently 'f2p'. I know they're trying to fix the game, but why should I play it when I can play LOTRO?

I started out as a F2P mmo gamer, then I went to P2P because I was fed up with crappy pay to win F2P mmos. Now I'm back to F2P again, because the last few P2Ps I paid for were crap. LOTRO, DDO, Wizard101 is technically, not F2P, but freemium. LoL is fully F2P. Point is, F2P is just better now. I have Global Agenda, but haven't played it. Haven't had a chance to try Champions online (but it's being downloaded now on Steam). AoC is going freemium too. Looking forward to trying that out.

This time, I'll buy GW2 when it's out. Unlike for GW1 where I waited until last month to start playing it...

Even EVE can be F2P (grind ISK for PLEX o/ )


Went off on a tangent there.. recap: shivers (as in awe) from gaming? yes, LOTRO. FFXIV burned me with the CE and all of it's 'efforts' to change so far are underwhelming. F2P is better than P2P. Some P2P games shouldn't even be P2P (aka Aion, yeah I said it).


Posted by wfSeg Tuesday May 31 2011 at 12:13AM
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"If you can't say something nice, don't say nothing at all". -Thumper

Damn, the chat logs of some of these Tribunal cases are dirtier than.. something dirty.


I finally got rocket boots. Too many blood moons and not enough goblin invasions. And when they do come, I die too much to those pesky goblin casters... Tried turtling inside my fort, but walls of stone don't block magic :/

oh, and none game related news.. boo Heats. I hope the Mavericks beat them, but I'm doubtful. They only have Nowitzky and an old Kidd. Speaking of Kidd, he's from my Alma Mater :D


Posted by wfSeg Monday May 30 2011 at 1:48AM
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Finally got to do the tribunal thing. Wish there was no limit on it though. I would gladly do it all day. People complained the IP reward is too low, but I would do it for free even. Looking at some of these reports, I see that there's going to be a lot of cleaning up to do. Some of these people do not deserve a computer or an internet connection. Disrespectful, immature, inconsiderate, etc. I hope Riot follow up on the tribunal decisions and hand out the proper punishment.

LoL qualifiers day 1

Posted by wfSeg Sunday May 29 2011 at 12:18AM
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I wished they streamed all the games. Also, the EU started earlier than I thought. No idea when it started. I was able to watch the NA bracket from the start though. It was fun to watch. It was also unfortunate that there were dc's on EG and CGL's games. First time seeing a gaming tournament for me. Team RS vs OGB was fun to watch.

Great entertainment so far.

However, just don't look at the forums :P . Tons of whiny, entitled, immature people there. Actually, I think the best way to enjoy any online game nowadays is to avoid the forums.


Westrice is a beast Akali

Summoner's Rift

Posted by wfSeg Monday May 23 2011 at 9:59PM
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Two more levels till I unlock my last quintessence slot. I hope they add new maps or game modes though. Been trying out Bloodline Champions. It's not that great. Yeah might be fun for half an hour, but it lacks depth. HoN is just bad. I tried it during it's 'HoNiversary' free trial event, but the community is bad (way worst than LoL.. and LoL's isn't that great to begin with). Rise of Immortals just feels.. well it's still in testing. One good thing from Bloodline is that the bots talk, and I would like to see the bots in LoL do that too. It's just fun.

I can see why they limit xp/ip gain in LoL, but I'll never get enough ip to get all the champs. So I gave up on that after getting a couple 3150ip champs. Decided to get champs on sale with RP and save IP for runes. Love that there are always new champs released every couple of weeks. Free rotations are great too for trying out champs. Man I hope MF goes on sale, because she's a beast carry and I don't have her.

Between xp/ip downtime I've just been playing Terraria.

I read Paragus's review and was interested. Hope they keep updating it, and often, so I can have more furniture for my little settlement.

LoL noob

Posted by wfSeg Tuesday March 22 2011 at 9:49PM
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First, Wizard101

Didn't take long to reach legendary in W101. Grandmaster gardener. Ancient pets. Not going for epic, too lazy.

What to do at 60? PVP, of course. That's where this game could improve. About a 55% win rate, but first turn advantage unbalances things. I win sometimes going second, but it's more a game of psyching your opponent out. Then again, I'm only a Captain after 100+ matches. Haven't met a warlord except in 4v4s. That's another area W101 pvp can improve. Matchmaking is terrible. A group of 4 privates vs 4 warlords. I'm myth, I don't even have to try in 1v1 most of the time, when I get the cards I need. Sometimes, I feel the 'shuffle' in the game is broken (or it's trying to get me to lose). A deck of 20 cards, and all I get are wand attacks? The probability of that is (1/25)^5. Oh, and a 90%+ spell fizzling, three times. It's still a fun game to play though. I get to be the cool older brother in the Baconator outfit helping out my younger brother.

Now, League of Legends

I know I'm late jumping on the bandwagon. This game is fun! so far. I haven't put in 24 hours yet; about 8-10 hours. So that's 14-15 matches (average match is 40mins, not doing the math). And this is all just Co-op vs AI . I'm training my carebear summoner vs AI first, before I dive into actual PVP. It's one in the morning, and I have my headphones on. What am I hearing? "Do you see mister Tibbers?" LoL Annie.