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these are my OB and CB story's about the games i'm currently trying: Shaiya, Angels Online

Author: volve1986

Rappelz, good/bad MMO

Posted by volve1986 Saturday December 8 2007 at 10:42AM
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i've played Rappelz for almost a year and had a few higher lvl characters on the PvP server Pantara most reknown one must have been Volve 108 Spellsinger with Evo3 Skelleton and Yeti.

epic 3 was a blast had loads of fun, but ofcourse the game had its flaws.

weekend lag was terrible, EPIC 4 was promised DECEMBER '06 and came out JUNE '07.

opic 4 was nice, that is if u just started the game, if you already had a high lvl pet u got screwed the hardest having an evo3 lv62 skelleton and getting an evo2 lv95 back for example. exp rate increased allot so all new players cought up with the new content within 1 or 2 months (WEWT! i felt like i wasted 8 months of my gametime) on our server the guild drama wasn't normal anymore so i diccided to quit handed over my account to a friend who hopefully enjoys it more then i was.


its not fun to seen u'r whole chat getting spammed by online currency sellers for 0.6$ a million

simple example stamina saver highest price in epic 3 was 300K at max

epic 4 ive seen them at 3.5M when i diccided to quit. talk about inflation,

GM's do a lowsy CSupp. and don't do anything against the online currency sellers.

great game crap servers, crap GM's equals people leaving me being one of them

RaiZt writes:

if im not mistaken Rappelz is a free to play game is it not?  with a item market  = if you  pay you get better gear.   usualy those games dont run on a high budget like  the  subscription games.. so you can allways expect lag servers and poor support.  if you want high end games you have to pay for it then you can expect to get good servers and good support.  but thats not all true look @ wow  9 mil subscribers thats  $134,910,000 a mounth in income and the BG's still lag on weekends. :D  

Sat Dec 08 2007 10:58AM Report
Talyn writes:

@RaiZt: people seem to think RMT Item Shops mean you're buying gear, which therefore gives paying players an advantage. I've only tried a handful of Asian MMO's, Rappelz being one of them (never played to high level though, I can only stand that type of grinding every so often) and the item shops normally only sell consumables.

Stuff like "XP Buff potion" which similar to trading in Destiny Points in LOTRO, gives you bonus xp for a certain time. Or a Stamina buff where you take less damage. I've never seen actual combat gear for sale in the few items shops I have looked at. Not saying they don't exist in other games, but not in the ones I tried. In PvP, sure, someone with Stamina buffs from the item shop would have an advantage over someone without it. For PvE there's really no advantage over another player, it's just an advantage to possibly not die and have to do a corpse run. I'll just save my money and corpse run.


Sat Dec 08 2007 11:29AM Report
volve1986 writes:

stamina savers meaning double exp rate for 1 hour, they are 3$ each in the cash shop, and with lagg i mean doing a siege and not being able to function for the 2 hours that it lasts. unless: u play verry low detail then ur just 3 minutes behind. i've been on ventrilo whiloe doing these sieges they'd tell me to kill some1 standing right next to me guess what, 2 minutes later i saw him.

make no mistakes cash shop games are a well organised set-up if you look at the acclaim games for example, or flyff another gala-net release (same as rappelz). and others as including myself spent over a couple of grand in the game and if 10 ppl are doing it so are others, still cant believe i paid like 50$ for a cloak a whell its in the past.

Sat Dec 08 2007 12:45PM Report writes:
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