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Gamking BLOG

these are my OB and CB story's about the games i'm currently trying: Shaiya, Angels Online

Author: volve1986

Rappelz, good/bad MMO

Posted by volve1986 Saturday December 8 2007 at 10:42AM
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i've played Rappelz for almost a year and had a few higher lvl characters on the PvP server Pantara most reknown one must have been Volve 108 Spellsinger with Evo3 Skelleton and Yeti.

epic 3 was a blast had loads of fun, but ofcourse the game had its flaws.

weekend lag was terrible, EPIC 4 was promised DECEMBER '06 and came out JUNE '07.

opic 4 was nice, that is if u just started the game, if you already had a high lvl pet u got screwed the hardest having an evo3 lv62 skelleton and getting an evo2 lv95 back for example. exp rate increased allot so all new players cought up with the new content within 1 or 2 months (WEWT! i felt like i wasted 8 months of my gametime) on our server the guild drama wasn't normal anymore so i diccided to quit handed over my account to a friend who hopefully enjoys it more then i was.


its not fun to seen u'r whole chat getting spammed by online currency sellers for 0.6$ a million

simple example stamina saver highest price in epic 3 was 300K at max

epic 4 ive seen them at 3.5M when i diccided to quit. talk about inflation,

GM's do a lowsy CSupp. and don't do anything against the online currency sellers.

great game crap servers, crap GM's equals people leaving me being one of them

RF online (trying it out)

Posted by volve1986 Saturday December 8 2007 at 10:32AM
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so far after 45 mins of downloading and doing the tutorial was amazed by the depth of the tutorial and how they tell u EVERYTHING!! u need to know before starting an MMO, 2 bad they didnt have a short version of it because cmon, i do know how to rotate my cam angle.

really looking forward to get into the actual game, if i can find time.


if anyone has some usefull tips or tricks for RF online or some more in depth details please reply.

Playing Shaiya Closed Beta

Posted by volve1986 Friday December 7 2007 at 10:23PM
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so i got in Closed Beta, after installing the game and browsing through the site: i got interested by the MODE difficulty u could start out with, according to the site it was as following:


Creating Your First Character


When creating your character, you will need to select the Name, Class, Sex, Job (a.k.a profession for the character), and appearance for your character. You will now also have to choose the Mode for your gameplay experience. The modes are as followed:
  • Easy – This mode should only be played by those who have no experience playing MMORPGs. Level cap is 30, experience gain is 2x, and no special skills are available.
  • Normal – This mode is for players who have some experiences with MMORPGs. Players must reach level 50 in Normal mode before Hard mode will be made available.
  • Hard – Level requirements are much harder in this mode, but Status and Skill Bonuses are increased. Players who reach level 50 in Hard mode will unlock Ultimate mode.
  • Ultimate – Level requirements are the same as in Hard mode, but Status and Skill bonuses are increased and players can use exclusive items, skills, spells, and bonuses only available to Ultimate characters. WARNING!!! Characters who die in Ultimate mode will be deleted if not resurrected within 3 minutes. This mode is only for those players looking for the Ultimate experience.


What they don't tell you here is that every time u reach a limit say u get lvl 50 in normal mode u delete ur character to make a hard mode character, u can not use the same name, it has been said they are working in that issue though.



the game itself handles pretty whell although rotating with your mouse doesn't go all that smoothly as it's supposed to be, and since u can't kite Mobs in this game archers and mages have it pretty rough (especialy archers since damage is determained by the range between u and the Mob) and i wish u could zoom out further because in PvP u simply can't see that nasty archer or mage that standing 5 feet behind you.

there is a minor bug in the sound settings, the game has a few sound options like dis/enabling sound options like enviroment, music, battle to bad u can't mute that wind sound really annoying listing to my own playlist with wind blowing through my headset.

but overal a nice game to play so far i've made 10 diffirent characters to lvl21 to get to see what the 2 alliances were like, so far same skills for both the mages on both sides have the same skills and so does every other class, so basicly white or black side does not matter in your skill choice, its just how you want to look.


now fopcusing on lvling my archer to lvl50 before Closed Beta ends (since they are going to wipe the servers between CB and OB) since i like it that archers are hard to lvl in that game, and that u really have to think about your build. i've made 3 archers before i got the build right, in most MMO's if u go straight for DEX ur a good archer, in this game, go full dex is getting owned at lv6-7 by mobs your own lvl.

ill let u know more later

Angels Online Closed Beta

Posted by volve1986 Friday December 7 2007 at 9:58PM
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So i thought klets try this Closed beta which sent me (although i dislike cartoon looking MMO's thought i'd give it a try, while writing this i'm still downloading so i took some time to check the AO site so far found a nice ammount of info about controls, the most important thing i always like in MMO's are things like AUTO cast, Tabbing/Scrolling through Mobs, so well see so far this game has a good build for control options:



Shortcut Key

Item Bar

Alt + B

Equipment Bag

Alt + E

Skill Bar

Alt + S

Angel Log

Alt + Q


Alt + F


Alt + T


Alt + G


Alt + W


Alt + N


Alt + M

Skill Information

Alt + X

Character Information

Alt + A

HP Bar Display on/off

Alt + V

Switch Chat Channel

Alt + Z

System Menu






Cast Spells

F1-F12, Select Targets and Left-click on Them

Items/Spells/Skills /Emotions Shortcut

F1 - F12

Emotions Shortcuts

Alt 1 - 4

Switch Weapon

Alt + ~

Group Channel

#+Dialogue Contents

Guild Channel

@+Dialogue Contents

Public Channel

&+Dialogue Contents

Private Channel

Name+Blank+Dialogue Contents

Reply to The Latest PM

Ctrl + R

View/Select Recent Chat Partners

Up and Down Button

Capture Screenshot


Auto Move

Hold Down the Left Mouse Button for 2 Seconds

View Pages Quickly

PageUp / PageDown

Cast Spells and Skills On Yourselves

Alt + Left Mouse Button/ F1 - F12

Categorize Items

Shift + Left-Click to Select Items

Lock Targets and Cast Spells /Recently Used Skills


Show NPC Conversation Quickly.


Talk to Players In the Chat Box Via Private Channel

Right-Click or Left-Click to Select Players' ID

Team up with Players in the Chat Box(Share Mode)

Right-Click to Select Players' ID

Team up with Players in the Chat Box (Enjoy Alone Mode)

Right-Click to Select Players' ID

Add Friends From the Chat Box

Right-Click to Select Players' ID

Recruit Players From the Chat Box

Right-Click to Select Players' ID

notice how they (without ever seen the game itself) they have options in it which they had in other games?!


let u know later about how the actual game play is.

gave up as soon as i got in, if i want to play games where i look like a square ill go play some prince of persia I or II nice concept 2 bad graphics aint there best liked Myth War way better (also an IGG release).

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