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Why are MMORPG games so popular in Asia?

Asians as a collective find a lot of interest towards entertainment in leisure time or even at busy schedules.There are many games available but online games are gathering special impression in Asia.

Author: vicky_john

Why online games are so addictive?

Posted by vicky_john Thursday April 10 2014 at 7:18AM
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Gaming may have started as a recreation activity in the early 90’s but as years passed and technology took its wings, recreation became addiction. There is probably no age category today that does not play online games. May it be kinder garden children, school and college goers, even fathers and mothers have started to play games competing with their children. Well fundamentally what is it that makes online games.

We don’t play game just for keeping us occupied or doing time pass. The moment we enter a game we are walking into a maze of prefixed story, themes or rules which we are naturally going to follow. Some of the best examples can be MMORPGFPS games, etc . In these games there are a few prefixed stories and a mission which we have to win. But unlike other olden day or fixed level game which has an ending, MMORPG has no ending. The ending would mean Level up. Initially the level ups are easy but as level increase the difficulty goes from x2 to even x10.

Prominent scientists say that human brain gets used to an activity if it is continuously done for 21 days. With most of the online games having an event or level up criteria which last for a month easily, players are easily addicted to the game. 

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Why are MMORPG games so popular in Asia?

Posted by vicky_john Wednesday April 9 2014 at 6:16AM
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Asians as a collective find a lot of interest towards entertainment in leisure time or even at busy schedules. While Europeans and Americans enjoy their time in travelling and shopping, most Asians are indoors watching movies or playing games. The MMORPG has its own impression of engaging anyone from day in to day out. A game which can normally engage a person, or friends, or family is certainly a worth time spent.


There are loads of games available but online games are gathering special impression in Asia.  We are used to many games with or without our knowledge nowadays, which has improved our recreation and modified the time we spend.  A major problem is Asia is known for duplicating inventions. Might it be electronics or movies, they are largely copied or pirated. The biggest advantage of playing a MMO is that it cannot be pirated or cracked. Most of them in asia are also interested in playing action games. The game completely runs on online level updates and the players pay and purchase from time to time. All this makes it a great reason for fun and reliability. Unlike other countries people here still prefer playing on PC in café or at home rather than console. So MMO which are largely available on PC are the hit famous ones.


Most players are committed to level up, quest completion, adventure   and making new friends or spending time with old ones and thus the game arena and servers are always full. With a team of close friends to play and a lot more to do, Asians definitely have their best votes for MMO games. 

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