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Vendayn's MMO Blog

Here is my blog for MMORPGs.

Author: Vendayn

Star Wars Galaxies - Pre Combat Update, would you want to play again?

Posted by Vendayn Thursday July 23 2009 at 3:19PM
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SWG was a true sandbox MMORPG set in the star wars world. It had amazing crafting, amazing professions, player run economy and lots of other features. That is until SOE ruined it. But, now SOE has made up (or trying to) and their off branch company is redoing SWG Pre Combat update. This is an official server related to SOE and it is legal (SOE owns it and they got the okay from Lucas). Its still in testing (they have a test server up, but its really buggy and has features missing)...but its progressed a long way


I noticed something with MMOs

Posted by Vendayn Wednesday July 15 2009 at 12:11PM
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The MMOs that have lasted me the longest are...

(no particular order)

Asheron's Call (first MMO, 1999-2001)
Ultima Online (about a year, then they changed it and added neon colored mounts...)

Star Wars Galaxies (for a few months, but I got in at the wrong time, because when I was really getting into it they changed it)

Eve Online (a few months again, might give it another shot)

Now lets look at the non-sandbox MMOs (no particular order)


Everquest: a few days

Everquest 2: A week

Asheron's Call 2 (a couple weeks)

City of Heroes (a couple weeks)

Guild Wars (less than a week)

Lord of the Rings Online (2 weeks)

Age of Conan (a week or two)

Tabula Rasa (a week, plus a few days of beta)

(and I might be missing some, but those are ones I found that I played when searching through the game forum section to the left)

Now sort of an exception is world of Warcraft, that I played for 2 to 3 years (off and on), but every time I made it to "end game" (around level 50 before expansions, then around level 55-60) I got incredibly bored, and remade my character. I really only played it since my friends played it and kept wanting me to play, and my cousins played it and wanted me to yeah. But I never truly had fun with it like I have the sandbox MMOs. Surprisingly I lasted a while though.


So looking at my list...looks like overall, the sandbox MMOs (at least for me) have lasted the longest in game time played. And I was trying to think of why...and the only answers I could think of were:


An open world

generally have awesome PvP that isn't instanced (instanced PvP, lamest idea ever...woo I'm going to play capture the flag! lol)

Housing or even player cities or stations (non sandbox MMOs tend to lack this)

Skill based instead of class based (class based, I can NEVER pick a class that I like. So I always make lots of alts. Skill based gives more freedom too imo)

And there is a risk vs reward usually...for UO before they changed it, I really had to be careful otherwise I would lose all my items on me. If there is just a reward and no risk, then it isn't really exciting or fun. eve Online if you aren't careful, lose your ship and all the modules on it. In themepark MMOs, I could not care less if I died...I'll just kill my character to teleport to the nearest town. No risk at all. In WoW I have to repair or get rez sickness...I never cared about that though, so I never cared if I died, there wasn't a lot of risk. And I didnt even care if I died in was boring, never exciting like it was in UO or Eve Online. It felt like I was playing an FPS where I respawn and it doesnt really matter if I died or not.

Well that about sums up this.

When did MMOs and RPGs become so easy?

Posted by Vendayn Saturday April 18 2009 at 4:11PM
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I mean, games aren't like games of the old at all (which require thinking and are challenging)...MMOs used to be a lot of fun (though I think I always liked single player games better, but still)...and now a lot of them are mindlessly easy. Which I'm sure people like, hence why people buy them and they are popular.


But even RPGs are a lot easier than they once were...sure, they are newer and have nice graphics...but Baldur's Gate...anyone remember that game? Started up yesterday and maybe its me, but its challenging and does require thinking. Has a good story too, at least I like it. Even after all these years...I was younger and could never finish it :P But now I started up again.


As for RTS games, can't comment much on them...I mean there is age of empires II which was my favorite in the AOE series (didnt get a chance to play AOE 1 though. AOE2 doesn't work on my pc anymore, though), but I haven't really played many RTS/strategy games lately, didn't really play many before either. There is civilization and the total war series, and europa univerisalas (mispelled)...which from what I hear Europa is really challenging and civilization is a good series. I like the Total War series too, but empire total war (I don't have a pirated copy, I have a legit one) is buggy as heck...and I HATE using steam.

So back to RPGs...


when did they start getting easy? And it isn't because I'm older and better at games...hence why I still find Baldur's gate challenging (or I just suck at it lol...either way...)...I mean even Fallout 3, which I do like is very easy...I'm getting fallout 2 tomorrow (hopefully), though its outdated, it sounds better than a lot of newer rpgs. But since I haven't had personal experience, I can't comment a lot on Fallout 2.


Is it all about graphics these days? All icing, no to speak. I find developers going on about their awesome latest graphics...but what about the gameplay? Is it just a mindlessly easy game that requires no thought?


I find baldur's gate a lot of fun, more fun than a lot of RPGs and MMOs...which is kinda sad seeing how old it is.There is Ultima Online, but to me thats just a class based system with a different skin. No, hear me out on this one...World of Warcraft, a warrior as an example...I could level up 2 tradeskills and all my weapon skills if I wanted to. UO, I am limited to what skills (and stats) I can train, more so than a warrior in WoW. If I remember right, in UO I had to make sure not to train certain skills otherwise other skills wouldn't raise further ( a skill cap). I don't see that much different than a class based system that has skills as well, like in WoW. Maybe I'm just thinking of it wrong or seeing it the wrong way, if so...feel free to correct me. I guess that does require thinking on what to train and what not, instead of just I do see that has a good thing. Eve Online I would say is a skill based system, it takes time to train...but I'm not limited to what I can train, except the time it takes. Maybe I wouldn't be as good as someone who focused skills, but it doesn't have a "skill cap" persay...though to train all the skills would take a long time. My point is...the older MMOs are definitely a lot better than the newer MMOs. My first MMO was Asheron's Call...death was to be feared, not laughed at. Age of conan was the worst, just die to be respawned at nearest town...newer MMOs are a lot easier than older MMOs, generally. Again, maybe people just like it thinking required. AC was a skill based system (it had levels, but they didnt really matter too much)...could train any stat/skill to a high level, forgot if there was a stat/skill cap...might have been somewhere, but it was a high one if there was/is. I would say AC was a true skill based system. But again, Asheron's Call was challenging, it wasn't forced grouping, but there was plenty of social activities and you could choose to group or not (I found that though you could solo very well in AC, people STILL grouped with each other and socialized. ) But AC was challenging...the quests were very good, dungeons were awesome...and like I said, if you died...dropped items...hopefully you got them back or items you dropped you didn't really need. These days in MMOs, I don't even care if I die...but I know some people like that...but I myself, don't. I like to be challenged, not handheld throughout the game...if I want an easy game, I'll go back to Math Blaster and Finding Nemo type games.


I know a few classic RPGs that required puzzles to be solved, you could guess and get lucky, or maybe follow clues or what not to solve it and move on (like in a dungeon or some place). I find those fun and challenging.


So...when did these rpgs and MMOs start getting easy? What happened to the classics that had good story, challenging gameplay, required thinking and (for MMOs) death to be feared? Was it because big corporate companies took over? Greed? Or something else? Ah well...


well...thats end of my rant, I guess you could call it a rant...

I don't need to play a single player RPG just because I solo

Posted by Vendayn Tuesday July 29 2008 at 8:23PM
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It seems pretty common...a bunch of people wanting others to play the way they want to play and  saying that I should play a FPS or single player game since I solo.

First, I do group, and in fact I like to group...problem? I log out every 15-30 min to take a break. I also don't have a lot of time to group because I do other stuff besides sit on my chair 24/7 doing nothing but playing. I can sometimes plan to stay on longer if I decide to group for something, but usually I can't do that.  I usually just stick to PvP at endgame since I can solo in PvP and if I want to group, I can do that to.


Okay, so why do I need to play a single player RPG if I solo a lot in a MMO? I've played RPGs from morrowind, to oblivion to countless others...they last 2-3 days and then I am utterly bored of them. No economy, no chatting with people and it gets really boring. I even tried a few final fantasy games and they only last 1-2 days usually. I find single player RPGs very boring compared to MMOs. Just because I solo doesn't mean I should not play a MMO just because people think grouping is how it should be. My first MMO was Asheron's Call, and I wasn't forced to group once...BUT I grouped plenty of times, I loved having that choice to either solo or group...and I could even get awesome items solo too if I wanted to, I wasn't forced to group to get the "Uber tiems".


And the multiplayer part of the "MMORPG" doesn't mean I need to group with others, I've played plenty multiplayer games (for example battlefield 2 and battlefield 2142) and I played a sniper and never "grouped" with anyone, I was on my own a lot of the time.

So why should I go play a single player RPG or some other genre (which I find they are boring compared to MMOs) just because I solo a lot in a MMORPG? And its not just RPGs, I've played FPS/RTS/Strategy games as well, and MMOs last A LOT longer for me than games in other genres.