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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

this is my blog of the mostest awesome mmo currently available! go to for more information!

Author: velveeta

an important message for players!

Posted by velveeta Wednesday December 26 2018 at 9:20PM
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in case you have missed it, there is an anniversary event happening on the live shards.  check out this forum post:


The Anniversary GM Events, where players can get additional Silver Anniversary Tokens, will be run on the following days:

Monday, 24th of December
Thursday, 27th of December
Friday, 28th of December
Saturday, 29th of December
Sunday, 30th of December

And at the following times on Chaos:

11 AM CET - 5 AM EST - 2 AM PST
4 PM CET - 10 AM EST - 7 AM PST
10 PM CET - 4 PM EST - 1 PM PST
1 AM CET - 7 PM EST - 4 PM PST

And these times for Order:

12 PM (noon) CET - 6 AM EST - 3 AM PST
5 PM CET - 11 AM EST - 8 AM PST
11 PM CET - 5 PM EST - 2 PM PST
2 AM CET - 8 PM EST - 5 PM PST

These times are for each day, meaning that there will be 4 rounds per day, for a total of 20 rounds per server! Players can participate in events as many times as they want, and every participant has a chance of getting a reward. Events will be announced some time before starting and rules will be laid out in the global chat channel. (tip: you can create a separate tab for the global channel using the chat settings window)

If your timezones is not included here you can easily convert it here.
Players of any level will be able to participate, and the event will mainly focus around exploration, so be sure to get your attunements ready. We hope to see many of you participate and wish you a happy anniversary!


time to take advantage of the renewal of expired accounts (remember, you only have to jan 15th.....) and come play with some old friends and new!

a disturbance of spirit, part 2a

Posted by velveeta Tuesday December 18 2018 at 8:54PM
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time to continue this new questline!

if you are not near him at the shrine, find the spirit of ryson and greet him.  chose the only quest available, accept it, and get the details - don't forget to check your quest journal!

the spirit disappears - he hasn't gone far, he is using us as a vehicle - after sending us to speak to geleon the wise.  we have made the good scholar's acquintance before, on our trainer tour.  fortunately for us, geleon isn't too far away.

from the shrine, head southeast to the main fort.  head strait thru the gate and the doorway directly opposite.  geleon patrols the area between the doorway and the library in the back center of the room.

pin down the scholarly saris on his patrol and greet him.  as soon as he speaks, the ghost of ryson appears and holds a conversation with geleon in the main chat window.  once the convo is over, regreet geleon.  the scholar will now talk to you directly - he advises you to search for the older cemetary and find out what is causing the undead unrest.

the old cemetary is to the northeast of kion proper, and we have been told to look around the beach under the lighthouse.  from the door of the library area, head northwest toward the lighthouse.  when you reach the shrine area, you have a choice of which way to go.  you can go along the shore line, which has many dangers for a low level alt.  the somewhat safer but slightly harder route is to climb the cliff that rises to the lighthouse mesa.

the climb is relatively easy (a matter of picking your way so you don't fall off the edge) until you get to about 2/3rd of the way up.  at that point, you can climb no further, so jump off the edge toward the beach.  when you hit sand, run thru the sand beets and around the plateau until you see the graveyard ahead.  keep aware, as the area is patrolled by withered aegis, as well as sand beets.  you should also get a notice in the chat window, prompting you to check your quest journal.

looks like it is battle time, so buff up and - when next we meet - prepare for some fighting fun!  see you soon!

check out this email!!

Posted by velveeta Wednesday December 12 2018 at 9:47PM
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Happy Holidays from Istaria!

Just as you think the year is getting started, a new one comes along. We've been busy over here, with lots happening in the world of Istaria. A Growing Danger was recently released, and of course the devs have more in the works. You can always check out past updates.

It's tempting to ramble on and on about the great things the devs have done, but we're going to keep this email short. With the holidays, there's two extras happening this month:

  • Double XP - it's a great time to get your wings!
  • Previously expired accounts are active until January 15.

If you need any assistance, please visit and the support team can get you fixed up in no time. You can always login / reset your password from the account management page:

Wishing you a happy holiday and all the best for 2019!

Istaria Development Team

now is a good time to head back home!  even the tutorial islands (spirit for bipeds, skalkaar for draggies) and new trismus have been totally remodelled, complete with new stuff to explore.  come back now!

a disturbance of spirit, part 1

Posted by velveeta Saturday December 1 2018 at 5:07PM
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squee!!  brand new questline, awesome!  and for low levels!! this first part is short and sweet, so let's get started, shall we?


if you aren't already there, hie thee to kion.  the shrine is just up the hill from the port pad, so go there and find the spirit of ryson stormbringer.  greet the spirit as you would anyone else and choose the available quest.  discover that you are linked to the spirit as you accept the quest.  the spirit will give you some info and instructions, and don't forget to check your quest journal.

we are to explore the new graveyard - new to us, as it was just recently put in game.  just follow the road, next to ryson, a few steps north around the mesa.  explore the graveyard (you will get notifications as you explore) until you get the notice of completion via chat and journal.

retrace your steps to return to the spirit, regreet it, and get your reward.  stay tuned - when next we meet, we shall find out more about our connection to the dead hero!

see you soon for more!