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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

2017 fall festival event - hunting, part 2

Posted by velveeta Sunday December 3 2017 at 11:01PM
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when last we met about the fall festival, we had reached the entrance to the main hunting grounds.  we had already met the spiders, so now to meet the rest of the gang!

starting at the north end (yellow area on the map) - this is the 'shrine' area, called for the edifice that resembles a city shrine.  not so many spiders around - but the area is inhabited heavily by 2 other big threats - really scary zombies and spine chilling skeletons.  both are tough - zombies are easier than skellies (they pack quite a punch) - but they both like to gang up and join the fun.

and they both roam the main hunting area, in addition to shrine area and the graveyard area, east of the shrine area (apple green area on the map).  standing at the gate, you can see the nasties roaming around the tomb and monuments.  approach and enter the tomb, where you will see sir onedra.

the poor knight has been traumatized by his experiences in the haunted hunting grounds, and he will tell you his sad tale if you greet him.  accept his quest to hear the sad, and very long, story (part one, part two, part three).

across the hunting grounds from the graveyard area is the canyon of the maggots (west end of the main hunting grounds in blue on the map).  fight your way thru the spiders and zombies and skellies until you get to the canyon, where the huge maggots await your attention.  they are just a bit tougher than the spiders, but they travel in packs and love to gang up.  you will surround yourself with dead white slime before you head out of the canyon for our last big hunt.

at the east central end of the main hunting grounds, just south of the graveyard, there is a platform overlooking a long canyon that runs north to south, literally crawling with spiders (blue green area of map).  go over the platform and into the canyon.  to the north of the platform, and after a longish run thru swarms of spiders, you will come upon a shrine.  you can explore it, but there is nothing really of interest here.

the story is quite different at the southern end of the canyon.  that is where the big spider nest is, and the home of belohs the big spider mama.  of course, the nest is guarded by a massive swarm of spiders with belohs leading them.  even at my level, this fight requires teamwork.

once you have defeated the spiders, you have successfully hunted the haunted hunting grounds.  time to head back to the vendors for the shopping spree.  head back to the area below the platform, run up the hill and back over the platform, and make for the canyon pass to go thru the tunnel next to the storyteller's tomb.  turn left at the end of the tunnel to be back in the vendor area.

now, before we start the shopping, we should see what we have to trade.  the vendors only take candy, so hopefully we have plenty of: hard candy (worth 1 cp), dead mice (1 cp), peppermint taffy (2 cp), gummi gruoks (the really good stuff, 6 cp), choco beet legs (2 cp), marzipan skulls (2 cp), and maggot chews (1 cp).  when next we meet, i will show you what i spent all my candy on!


hope to see you soon for the goodies.  here is the link for the hunting album.