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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

sslanis town marshal quests - how to get there and back, part 2

Posted by velveeta Tuesday December 27 2016 at 10:42PM
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okay, a little later than i promised, forgive me.  been a busy day!

anyhoo, on to the topic at hand - getting back to sslanis from sable coast.

starting at the wws, head down the southern road for a bit until you get to the bridge.  cross it and turn left to start your run down the east coast road.  it's a long run (so be sure to attune to the coastal settlements as you go, if you haven't already), if a pretty one, thru the southpeak mountain region and past the lighthouse; keep moving thru outreach and the suburbs, on past the shrine and thru the gate, and find ssoren on the porch near the outgoing port pads.


the jungle that the city of sslik is guarded by is an important place for quests given by ssoren.  thankfully, it is quite literally on the doorstep of the northern gate.  from ssoren's place on the porch, head for the gate as if you were going back to the incoming port pad.  you can always take the long way, via the main west coast road and turnoff, but you will encounter some undead patrols that might be tricky for low levels.  so, i recommend taking the shortcut, by hoofing it over the hill directly in front of the gate.  this will end up at the turnoff road, and a little jog down to the outskirts of the jungle.

and that's how to get to the places we will need to go for the first few adventures, at least.  depending on when i get into game this week, we will either begin the sslanis town marshal quests, or i may show you the doings at this year's winter festival.  see you soon with a surprise for us both!