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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

off topic review

Posted by velveeta Sunday December 21 2014 at 8:27PM
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altho istaria is an older game, the hardcore among us oldtimers remember how it was and rejoice in how far it has come.  if you last played years ago, here is a little reminder from the game devs of how far our little niche game has come - this is only a small taste of the hard work the gods have already performed and an indicator of how much we have to look forward to.  enjoy!


  • Lairs, 3-dimensional underground plots, were introduced for Dragons along with the Lairshaper construction school.
  • Skalkaar, the Dragon tutorial island, was added and included new quests and a Dragon-oriented introduction to the Adventure and Crafting side of the game.
  • The Fall Festival was introduced along with new resources (pumpkins and more), costumes (ghosts, skeletons, and mummies!), masks, and an all new Epic boss (Valkor the Impaler!).
  • Lesser Aradoth and the Island of New Trismus were heavily overhauled creating a much improved introduction to the first 20 levels of the game. In total more than 150 quests were added along with new monsters and adventure areas.
  • Spirit Isle, the biped tutorial island, was recreated and given a much improved, concise, and interactive tutorial that introduced players to the first 3 levels of the core adventure and trade schools.
  • A series of invasions by the Withered Aegis culminated in the blighting of the lands south of Harro, the building of the Imperial Outpost, and the introduction of new bosses (Daknor, Fafnir, Gruk) as well as Master-level formulas, quests, and rewards.
  • Hammer's Rest, a Dwarven take on the Fall Festival, was introduced and brought with it new items for sale (including new cargo disks) as well as quests and plot structures.
  • Gnomekindle, a Gnomian take on the Winter Festival, was introduced and included new items (such as the Claus hat), quests and much more!
  • Overhauled the Confectioner trade school, food and the death point system. Food is now more interactive to make and includes a wide variety of ingredients.
  • New player-made murals for Lairs!
  • Dralnok's Doom, a massive underground cavern and T5/T6 adventure area, was added to the game. The first 'dungeon' in Istaria, it is for high level players includes more than 50 story-driven quests, new epic abilities and spells, a new epic boss (Shaloth the Queen), a new town called Delgarath, and numerous opportunities for adventure and crafting.
  • Treasure Chests, an all new way of getting loot was added along with crafted keys. Beware! Some treasure chests may fight back, they are merely monsters who mimic the appearance of real chests.
  • The Dalimond Peninsula (Tier 2) was entirely overhauled. The New peninsula includes more than 200 quests, many new adventure locations, and numerous new stories, rewards and monsters.
  • The Rite of Passage was given a major facelift, making it more streamlined and less prone to 'breakage'.
  • The Scholar trade school was updated, adding scrolls (spells inscribed onto papyrus sheets that can be traded or sold to other players) to the school's repertoire.
  • Bloodmage adventure school was overhauled to make it more fun and engaging!
  • New (and existing) adventure areas were added or updated including the Barrier Vale (Tier 6 adventure area) and the Yew Forest. In total more than 30 new quests were added for these areas!
  • Alloyed metals were removed from the game (and there was much rejoicing)!
  • Ancient Rite of Passage was revamped to make it easier for players to understand and complete with less 'breakage'.
  • The Summer Event, Pax Istaria, returned with a vengeance, including new plot structures (such as a Bonfire, Hammock and more!), banners, murals, masks, clothing and more!
  • Rewrote and added many Dragon adventurer ability quests.
  • New plot structures were added including a Clock Tower, Wheelbarrows, Vaults, and Decorative Tiles.
  • The Portal system was overhauled creating two 'hubs' (Bristugo and Genevia) making the entire system far more consistent, predictable and friendly.
  • Revamped the entire loot system, rearranging what drops and from whom, and making it more consistent overall. In the process a new type of loot was introduced, called Broken Items (for bipedal races).
  • Added an indicator above a NPC's head when they have a quest available and when the player has a quest step for that NPC.
  • The Fall Festival (known as Hammer's Rest) moved from Aughundell to the island of New Brommel. New murals for lairs, Banners for plots, and a line of Fall clothing (for both Dragons and Bipeds) were introduced.
  • Broken Items for Dragons were added to the loot tables. Broken Items are a type of loot that must be collected and re-assembled before it can be used.
  • A round of plot consolidation was completed, removing over 200 plots, resizing the remaining ones and repricing plots around Istaria to make them more affordable to all - ranging from a mere 200 silver to 2.5 gold!.
  • Lesser Aradoth was given a massive facelift including monster spawn changes, new and improved quests and more. Other areas of the world were also given a facelift, such as Scorpion Island, the Valley of Repose, etc.
  • Object Fading was introduced into the game client, allowing objects to fade into the scene instead of popping.
  • New slash commands include /lastTarget and /cycleNearestCorpse.
  • Gnomekindle, the Winter Festival, returned and with it some new items for player plots including: An ice-skating pond, snow-covered houses and walls made of ice!
  • The number of hotkey bars in the game client was increased from 10 to 20! (maybe not the biggest change, but players really liked this)
  • Quests and new monsters added to the Eastern Wastes. Help the residents of the Eastern Outpost in their fight against the machinations of The Disgraced Cabal.
  • The Healer adventurer school was given a facelift to improve its overall effectiveness and fun.
  • The new player experience has seen improvements with the introduction of lower tier equipment on vendors in New Trismus, Kion, Sslanis and Dalimond.
  • Daily Quests: The reintroduction of Town Marshall quests to all of the Town Marshalls of Istaria in the form of quests that can be repeated once per day and will both aid players in leveling and provide them with Tokens of Gratitude. These tokens can be exchanged for a wide variety of gear and equipment.
  • Even more area revamps with an overhaul of the Island of Ice.
  • Emblems no longer take up inventory space and can instead be converted to special Title Abilities.
  • A Memorial Island was created for players who wish to build a plot memorializing those who have passed on from the land of Istaria.
  • And more to come later this year!!!

introducing the spellcrafter skewl

Posted by velveeta Monday December 15 2014 at 10:48AM
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i didn't get to do the prep for the short series of posts i was gonna do, so today we will explore the spellcrafter prestige skewl.  spellcrafters specialize in make the spell shards and scribing and techniqueing the spells.  spellcrafters need a good foundation in the scholar skewl before taking up spellcrafting.  

spellcrafters must harvest stone and essence to make spell shards, and use a rune stylus and scholar's desk to scribe the spells onto the blank spell shards.

there are only 2 spellcraft trainers (scholar trainers give the basic resource forms, so spellcrafter trainers offer the spells available to scribe), with one doing double duty as both jm and expert.

to start your spellcrafting adventure, first speak to minisa in dalimond.  you can find her just outside the library building, just north of the outgoing port pads.  even beginner spellcrafters have access to a large variety of spells, so it is prolly a good thing for newbs (with limited coin) to limit themselves to a type or two of spell, rather than trying to get to everything at once.

when you are ready, head to kirasanct to meet kateos, who serves as both the journeyman and expert trainer for spellcrafters.  this male fiend is sharing the first lower right crafthall in the fort with the jeweler trainers.  head down the hall from the port pads to speak to him and trade for your desired forms, both jman and expert.


that's it for spellcrafters.  see you again soon to meet another set of prestige crafting trainers!

introducing the jeweler skewl

Posted by velveeta Wednesday December 10 2014 at 9:54PM
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today we meet the jeweler trainers.  jewelers make, what else?, jewelry.  when used both singularly and as a set, various items of jewelry, like rings and bracelets, give bonuses to certain skills.  unlike most of the other 'prestige' skewls, you don't need a certain level of skill in a basic resource to join.

jewelers work in the 'soft metals' (silver, gold, platinum) and gems.  so, while you don't NEED to have a certain level of skill with these resources, it doesn't hurt to have done some mining and quarrying work before taking up this skewl.

anyway, onto the task at hand.  there are 2 jeweler trainers to choose from when starting the jeweler skewl.  you can find reffis ironforge on new trismus, in the workstation down the road from the gem mine.  as the true beginner's trainer, he sells beginner gem forms as well as jeweler forms, and gives quests as well.

when you get to the mainland and want to become a jeweler, you can travel to kion and meet bastea.  you can find her on the upper level of the main fort area, almost directly in front of you as you reach the top of the stairs.  speak to her to join the skewl or trade for the beginner forms you need.

the jm trainer is ellynor of new rachival.  the female gnome is in the first right hand room after you enter the city gate.  she will sell you the jm forms as well as bring you into the fold.

our last trainer is the female fiend, expert jeweler natasha.  she can be found in the fort city of kirasanct, on the lower level, first right room, down from the port pads.  speak to her to re/join the skewl or trade with her for your expert forms.


all done with the jewelers.  i haven't made up my mind yet as to what i will cover next - it will relate to our current exploration of the crafting skewls, but not sure as to which of the 2 options i have that i will take.  come back soon to find out which one wins!

introducing the fletcher skewl

Posted by velveeta Friday December 5 2014 at 7:12PM
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today, we will meet the fletcher skewl.  the name is somewhat misleading - fletchers make all sorts of wooden weapons (clubs and staves in addition to bows).  in fact, they sacrifice skill in other resources to focus on wood weapons.

to begin your fletching career, the first step is to speak to ssarle in sslanis.  you can find it in the upper right room of the main fort, nearest to the outgoing port pads (sharing space with the blacksmith trainer).  once you have joined the skewl, be sure to trade with ssarle for your beginner forms.

at the appropriate time, travel to feladan to meet sabaleri.  the male elf can be found under the tree near the tent village just inside the outer walls in the north west corner.  speak to him and trade for you jm forms.

our last fletcher trainer is the expert, dalzar of aughundell.  to trade for your forms and speak to him, you will need to journey thru the mine to the last crafthall in the left - he shares the room with the armorer trainer, so you have been here before!

and there you have the specialized skewl of the fletcher.  join me next time when we will meet a skewl at the opposite end of the crafting classes..........