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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

gnomekindle quest peeps

Posted by velveeta Tuesday December 31 2013 at 12:40PM
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as i mentioned in the last post with the tour of new koraelia, there are 5 major questgivers for gnomekindle.  i am only going to cover a couple of them, because to try to cover them all would be a task taking us to next gnomekindle!

first, we meet loremaster burl, just near the port pad; then hermey the misfit, near the frozen pond; followed by mayor clause, who gives the 'exploration' quests, and mrs. clause, giver of the present and ornament quests.  lastly, we will meet yukon cornelius.

we will be concerned with the loremaster, hermey, and yukon cornelius - because they provide useful/collectible items needed to get gnomekindle goodies - namely, istarian express cheques. don't leave home without them!!

anyway, since we will be meeting him first, let's start with loremaster burl!  after greeting him for the first time, choose the 'how gnomekindle came to be' quest.  it is just a very long speech to read, nothing to fetch - yet.

burl's second quest is a different matter.  the loremaster wants to make ornaments from wood, and needs chunks of it to do so. so he will send you off to hunt down treants and get chunks from them.  now, i did this quest barehanded and without weapons of any type.  don't make my mistake, equip your weapons, even if you are hunting easy stuff like i did.  otherwise it will take you forever, depending on respawn rate of the particular treants you are hunting, to get 50 chunks of wood.  i chose to hunt oak treants in heather, mostly because i knew i could take them and where they are.  the treants will also drop ornaments, which can be used as currency with the cashiers.  keep in mind that saplings do not count, you must hunt full treants to get the required wood chunks.

anyhoo, once you have your 50 chunks, head back to the loremaster.  greet him and get your reward.

this quest is repeatable, so you can hunt all levels of treants to get all the ornaments and more cheques.  many citizens do collect each years' festival ornaments and presents, as these are changed every year and it is a point of pride with us oldtimers to say we have stuff from years past........


come back soon when we will meet hermey the misfit, who will give us a quest for something plot holders might (and do) enjoy!