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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta


Posted by velveeta Wednesday December 25 2013 at 2:17PM
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time for a little break from trainers, in order to celebrate the season!  in istaria, the winter festival is called 'gnomekindle'.

after the restructuring of the old training islands, new koraelia became the festival island.  it has two seasons, summer - for the pax istaria festival; and winter - for the gnomekindle event.

the easiest way to get to the resort islands - for me, anyway - is to port from bristugo to genevia island.  take the brist port closest to the road up from the shrine, port to genevia (you will land on the port pad almost directly in front of the portal you need to get to the resort islands), take the portal to new koraelia, winter season.  you will land at the port pad down the road from the town gate.

first, i will take you on a brief tour of the town and most of the inhabitants.  next time, we will start the gnomekindle quests - for now, let's get familiar with where the people are!

the first citizen you will meet is loremaster burl, just off the road into town near the port pad.  he will tell you about the tradition of gnomekindle and give you a quest.  more about both of those next time.

once you pass thru the ice gate, you will see the frozen pond on your right.  arrayed around it are dolly day (first person closest to the gate), the various cashiers (around the far edge from the road), and hermey the misfit gnome (furthest from the gate, closest to the town).  hermey has a quest for you, which we will explore later.

continuing up the road will bring you to the mayor's house.  out front, you will find mayor clause, who has a great many quests for you - quests that will have you exploring (and most prolly attuning to) the major cities of istaria - always a good thing!  near the front door of the house, you will find mrs. clause - the good mayor's good wife also has a couple tasks she would like you to do!

staying on the road past the mayor's house, you will soon discover yukon cornelius, the greatest prospector ever!  he has quests for you, of course, relating to the celebration.

the last person on the road thru town is ignatius.  iggy is not very people oriented - he is very much the grumpy cat of istaria, as you will discover if you try talking to him!

be very careful, especially if you are low level, about wondering past iggy - the city limit is strictly maintained by the large pack of winter wolves that patrol constantly.....

well, now that you know where everyone is, next we will start meeting them!!  this will be almost as new for me as for you - gnomekindle changes a little every year.  so, see you again soon to discover what might be had for fun and loot during the holiday season!  come back, i don't care if you are naughty or nice!