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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

meeting the instant heal trainer

Posted by velveeta Monday December 9 2013 at 9:52PM
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the second healer in chiconis is frall the healer.  this trainer can be found in the upper alcove of the second cave, marked by the blue crystal formation.  turn to the left after crossing the bridge from the main cave and you will find frall waiting.

as usual, greet frall, listen to the speech, and check your quest journal for details.  my quest is to hunt down some giant ice beets, creatures that like to fight and love to aggro.  doing them solo is possible, but the area is home to some big time nasties, and having someone to watch your back isn't a bad idea.  also, if you haven't attuned to the islands' portal, you have a long and possibly life theatening journey to get there.....

glacier canyon is located on the island of ice, and the only portal to it and the island of fire (located directly under the ice isle in the screenie) is on the bridge between the two islands.  i have covered how to get to the portal gatekeeper in a past post, so i won't here, but mourningwood was able to do several quests and the attunement at the same time.  which is wonderful, because you have to run thru some really dangerous territory to even get to the entrance of the bridge.........

anyhoo, back to bizniz....  once you get to the isle of ice, start hunting ice beets until you get your 20.  check your game chat and quest journal to make sure you are finished here (i believe i mentioned it's a long and arduous trip, haven't i?) and return to the dragon trainer for your reward.

instant heal, as you might imagine, is a very useful ability - and one to keep updated!

come back soon, when we will leave the floating island and visit some trainers for my mostest fave dragon trix!!  you really don't want to miss these!  ;-}