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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

learning about lunus

Posted by velveeta Monday December 31 2012 at 2:09PM
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Okay, in case you haven’t already figured it out, I am old, both in game and in rl.  I have played horizons under an, I admit, outdated sense of gameplay.  This particular set of quests has proven that beyond requirements to me.  Things have changed in my home while I wasn’t paying attention, things for the better!

But anyway, enough old person whining.  Let’s talk about the last 2(?) adventure quests on the evil island, and I will explain more on the way.  Also, the istaria wikia reference is out of date, due to some of those aforementioned changes I wasn’t paying attention to.  I will, of course, point out these divergences as they happen.

Head once more toward the dragon adventurer’s cave and greet avariatus.   The trainer offers you the opportunity to learn about the two factions among dragonkind, lunus and helian, by undertaking a brief quest for both.  I chose to start with the lunus faction quest, but it doesn’t matter which one you do first, as we both will find out!!  As your quest journal will advise, but contrary to the wiki instructions, you need to run up the road outside the trainers’ caves to the middle of town, where (assuming you haven’t already visited it for binding purposes) you will find the shrine.  The wiki instructions advise you to go to the dralk shrine – obviously part of the changes.  I don’t know when they made this change; I remember mw having to go to dralk years ago.  I approve of this change, dralk is a very dangerous place for hatchies, even close to town.  You will find out more when I start the trainer tour with mw (reminder – only a couple more posts to go to tell me if you want me to do more beginner quests rather than start the trainer tour!).  your chat log and quest journal will tell you to mediate at the shrine for 5 minutes – yes, that is real time minutes!  Time for a potty break!

After mediation, your quest log and journal advise you to return to avariatus and share your insights on the lunus way of life.  The adventurer wants you to bring him a new scale, so that it can be enchanted for you.  However, unlike before, the trainer does not give you the formula.  You must acquire it on your own.

You should (and can) get this form from the crafter trainer.  However, when I tried to trade with kerian for it, I was unable to bring up the trade screen.  Therefore, I decided to head back to town and try the consigner.  You can find both the connie and the pawn broker under the tent in the intersection between the roads to the resource fields and the monster areas.  Right click on Milicent and choose trade.  The trade screens will come up, with the search screen on top (I actually bought the form earlier and then came back to do a test trade when I realized I forgot to do it the first time.  sorry.).  click the browse items button and scroll thru the items until you find the item you are looking for.  The icon buttons on the top are for looking for specific types of things, like forms or weapons or food, etc.  once you find what you are looking for, highlight it and drag it to the items receiving field on the right.  The items giving field should update to show the coins you are trading for the items.  Click the approve button to complete the trade.

Now, open the form (after you scribe it, of course!) and see what requirements you need to make the desired scale.  Collect the resources, access the scaleforege ability while at the forge, open your forms, and make the scale.

Okay, I am gonna stop here, as I am about to run into that old person thing I was talking about at the beginning of this little adventure.  Come back soon if you want to get the whole story while finding out about the helian faction quest!