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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

your last dragon crafting quest, for now

Posted by velveeta Wednesday December 12 2012 at 12:07PM
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Well, the time has come for your last crafting quest on new trimus.  It’s been a fun and interesting learning experience, but you are a big hatchie now, and it is almost time to go out on your own.  The last thing kerian has to show you is how to technique a spell, a useful skill to know.  By now, all the steps should be familiar to you.

First step, of course, is to speak to kerian.  The dragon crafter will tell you what needs to be done.  As you can see, kerian has left the basic stuff (dim ess orbs and sandstone spell shards, which if you are smart, are already made and waiting for you in your vault) to you to complete as you will, but nevertheless, this is a triggered quest at first.  Which means, of course, that you have to make sure you hit all the trigger points before your kills will count.

According to your quest journal, you must first locate the blighted area you have already visited when you hunted the saris ghosts on an earlier quest.  Remember, the maggots are nasty, so when you get to the blighted area, keep running along the right side of the valley and try to avoid getting smacked.  Resist the temptation to step off the cliffs onto the beach and follow the path (as indicated on the map) – that is where the trigger point is and you need to see it before continuing on to the sand pygs.  Choose your targets wisely, the pygs pack a lot of hurt into a small package.  Do not forget to loot at least one pyg ear – you need it for the tech part of the quest.  Your quest journal advises you to return to kerian and tell the dragon crafter of your mighty deeds.  She will praise you and give you gifts, that you might accomplish the next step.

Make sure you scribe both the spell and the technique before you head to the scholar’s desk, assuming that you have the required materials.  As kerian tells you, true grit is a buff spell that gives you bonuses on your armor and health points, and the fortify tech provides a chance for added bonus to armor as well.  Step a couple steps to your right (assuming you are facing kerian at the moment, and that you remembered to retrieve/make the basic resources) and access the scholar’s desk to make the teched spell.  Call up your true grit formula and make sure to add the technique before you attempt to make the spell itself.  You will notice that kerian gave you a resource not yet available to you – a bronze golem fragment.  In future, you will have to hunt for or buy this and other tech resources.  Once you have all the resources required, make the spell as you would make any other spell or item.

Once you have the teched spell made, but before you scribe it, make sure you follow your quest journal’s instruction and speak to kerian one last time.  After receiving your congratulations, be sure you scribe the completed spell and add it to your spell hotkey bar.  It will be useful to you once you start battling creatures in the wide world.

And that is finally it for the beginner dragon crafting quests.  There is one final quest that avariatus will send you on, then you will have completed all the dragon specific quests on the training island.  After that, I will either continue on with the dragon trainers using mourningwood on blight, or if there is interest, I will continue on with the non-specific quests on new trismus – the gifted quest, and other quests available to all races.  It is up to you guys to let me know which you have more interest in reading about!  Let me know what you think, and I will do as you will after the last dragon quest.

So , that is it for now, see you again soon!  Don’t forget to let me know what you would like to know more about!