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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

blight and maggots and ghosts, o my!!!

Posted by velveeta Friday December 7 2012 at 7:38PM
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Well, the dragon crafter has sent you to avariatus.  The adventure trainer greets you and advises on where to find the needed ghosts to collect the vapor required.  This is a trigger quest, so make sure you follow the quest journal directions!

New trismus is a small island, so you are not gonna wonder into unfamiliar territory finding the blighted area.  Head past the gruoks and grass beets, to where the spiders are.  The familiar fallen log is there, and your game chat log should let you know you triggered that part of the quest, and your journal should update as well.  Head past the turnoff to the haunted camp, and continue down the road toward the higher level gruoks.  Thru the canyon on the left side of the road, you will begin to see the blighted area – black, scorched earth; black, twisted trees; dead white giant maggots.  Watch out for the maggots: they are tough, and at best will slow you down terribly; at worst, you will need a partner to help you wade thru them (they respawn real fast).  They are slow, so just try to avoid their personal space and head for the ruins behind and to the left of their playground.  Anyway, head into the blighted area, and your game log and quest journal will update.

As I said, try to avoid the maggots in a left hand direction, and you will soon find yourself in the midst of the ruins of a saris settlement.  My advice is to head for the small hillock you should see nearby and use ranged spells to draw one or two of the ghosts to you at a time.  They are tougher than you might think, and death is very inconvenient – not that you will get death points at this time, but having to run back and thru the maggots to get your vapors is a pain in the tushie.  You will prolly have to kill more than just 5 ghosts to get the needed vapors, and they do agro (most things do with ranged spells, of course), so hack away to your heart’s content until your log and journal update to return to the dragon adventurer.

Being a great believer in positive reinforcement, avariatus congratulates you and gives you a gift – a stone of vitality.  It is an item of the type known as crystals (altho some are cogs, or gears, or stones, etc. – they all function as beneficial items that go into a socket on a piece or armor, a weapon, or tool).  Once you have the stone, you need to socket it for it to be any use (altho you can also ‘eat’ crystals, draggy slang for adding them to your hoard.  This is usually only done with biped xtals, such as those for tools and weapons).  In order to do this, you need to unequip the scale, if you have it equipped.  Right click the scale and choose ‘configure crystal’.  You will open up a window with the appropriate number of socket slots (only one at this point, of course).  Grab the xstal and drag it to the slot, then drop it in.  now, equipped your new and improved scale, and head back to kerian for your next task!

More about that next time – see you soon!! writes:
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