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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

arghur's story

Posted by velveeta Monday December 12 2011 at 11:07AM
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the first time you speak with arghur (after getting the quest from capt. jarthur), he will not give you his standard speech.  instead, you will get more history on delgarath and an entreaty to explore the last known battlefield of the lost dwarven king.

you exit this speech thread and re-greet arghur to receive the next quest in the line - exploring an old but still dangerous battlefield.


this quest is known as 'search the barrows' and we will talk about it at a later day!!!

part 2 of 'the fate of dralnok'

Posted by velveeta Monday December 12 2011 at 10:55AM
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arghur the brown is also a scout trainer, so if you chose scout as one of your adventure skewls, you already know where he is, but if not, you will find him in the mines.  head in and down, and if i remember correctly, he is in the first chamber, right side, against the far wall (anyone who knows differently, please do post the real position - i am the eternal noob and would not be offended in any way!  ;-} )

as a trainer, he gives a standard greeting that fills in more of the lore of horizons, and of course offers training quests for scouts and related equipment, if needed.  the little speech goes like this:

Arghur tells you, 'Greetings, friend. I am known as Arghur the Brown and I am a scout of the Iron Guard. Do you wish to know more of the Siege of Aughundell?'

Arghur tells you, 'I was there at the end of the Siege, with King Dralnok. The Withered Aegis may be undead, but they are possessed by a most evil intelligence. They are difficult to fight and very cunning. Fortunately, Dwarves are more cunning and so we held out for many years until the Siege was lifted, around the same time as the Battle of Tazoon.'



next post, how he gets you moving on the first real quests of the line!

delgarath: getting there in the first place

Posted by velveeta Monday December 12 2011 at 10:33AM
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the official name for the delgarath questline is called 'dralnok's doom'.  it becomes available at level 100 of any adventure skewl, and you will still need all the help you can get!

the first quest in the line of dralnok's doom is 'the fate of dralnok'.  it sets the stage for the questline by giving you some background and history about the dwarven king, dralnok, when he set out to track the wa that attacked and destroyed delgarath, once a mighty capital of dwarfkind.

everything starts in aughundell, now the racial city of the dwarves.  there you find captain jarthur ironbeard, who bids you listen to his tale of past woe and bids you find arghur the brown for more information.


fortunately for you, mr. the brown is in aughundell!!  find out more in the next post!

the first in a periodic series: high level content aka delgarath

Posted by velveeta Monday December 12 2011 at 10:04AM
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let's face it, for a long time, istaria lacked very high level content.  you could help a draggy make ancient (if you are another draggy, anyway), or you could hunt the same old baddies - at least until you have completed whatever collection for the umpteenth time (guess i'll go do soggie again, just like yesterday, and the day before that.......)

the gods saw our misery, and developed new content.  for crafters, there is the master crafter questline - access to uber resources and forms for making awesome new stuff.  i haven't explored this yet, as it requires total mastery of all crafting skewls, and i am no where near that.  but we will eventually be exploring all that for ourselves......

the adventurers get delgarath, the quest to reconquer a city destroyed and corrupted by the withered aegis a long time ago.

it is a long and difficult adventure to even begin the hard part of the delgarath quest line, so let's take it step by step!


see ya soon to begin!