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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

this is my blog of the mostest awesome mmo currently available! go to for more information!

Author: velveeta

retrieving tokens

Posted by velveeta Sunday November 17 2019 at 7:41PM
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before we can visit a couple of vendors in bristugo, we need to get some tokens.  both loyalty and the silver anniversary tokens (providing you qualify for them, of course) will be found in your vault.  the anniversary token is automatically provided, but you have to transfer loyalty tokens.  it is a somewhat complex process that i covered a few years ago (go here for that post), so i will not cover that process here.

the vendors in the secondary fort only take special tokens, no coin.  the gambling vendor uses tokens you can only get by gaming in a gambling den, but the loyalty and anniversary vendors require tokens that you access from your vault.  on blight, there is a god built vault right across from the portals.  wherever you find the vault, enter and access by right clicking on the vaultkeeper.  choose the open vault option and your inventory will open.  open your backpack inventory then highlight the item(s) you want to move from the vault to your pack.  click and drag the items into your backpack, then check to make sure the items are gone from the vault and into your inventory.

close your vault when you are finished, minimize your inventory, and head for the secondary fort to begin your shopping spree.


next time, we will start visiting the newish vendors and spending some tokens.  hope to see you soon!

master time machine

Posted by velveeta Wednesday November 13 2019 at 7:34PM
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okay, so, a while ago i covered the changes in bristugo, the portal hub city.  along with cosmetic changes, there are a couple of new vendor npcs.  i will cover them all to varying (to the extent i can, as to say) degrees, and we will start with the master time machine.

now, i haven't checked to see if he is on the live shards, but given his mandate, i imagine that he is not.  the master is a totally new vendor - he showed up after an update while i was doing clerash town marshal quests, so i can't say exactly without doing some research.

so, we are in bristugo, next to the new shrine.  it is the perfect opportunity to bind to the new shrine, so right click on it and click the bind option.  your chat log will show you that you have been bound, and will show up here when you recall.  bristugo is, of course, the only real option to bind to a shrine, unless you will have need to bind to another shrine for short term use.  using the portals required some coin - if you are hauling a disk, the fee is based on how much you are carrying.  in addition, you have to attune to some portals before you can access them (we have done several attunement tours).

the master is to be found in the courtyard entrance of the main fort.  approach the wizardly looking fellow and greet him.  

and here is why i think the master is only on blight - his function is to raise any adventure skewl level to 100 instantly, provided one meets the requirements of the skewl.  he clearly states this is for testing purposes.  the master also provides a quest for your current adventure skewl.

using the blue gem, open your character page (assuming you don't have it on your screen, like i do), click the 'schools' tab, and take a look at what skewl you might be interested in.  i am seriously considering taking the mage skewl in the future, but i didn't want to change skewls right now, as i am doing hunting quests.


when we come back, we will explore the new vendors in the new, secondary fort area.  i hope you will join me for those!  see you soon.


hunting with aine

Posted by velveeta Wednesday November 6 2019 at 8:54PM
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so, while waiting for things to get sorted out - both with the game and with what i want to do next - i destressed by helping my beloved friend aine do a kill quest.  she needed to kill some flame beets around char and i had lots of time to kill, you should pardon the pun.

i met aine at the bristugo shrine and away we went to dralk, the lunus dragon city.  char and the flame beets are located southwest of the volcanic city, and aine was gracious enough to make the run with me, instead of flying.

we made the beet territory and proceeded to spend a pleasant hour or so leisurely hunting flame beets.  being high mid level, they were a pleasant challenge for us both, singly and as a team.  we even battled the named boss, asryeon, after laying waste to its followers.

finally, tho, we finished writing beets in the ded book.  aine completed her task and it was time to log for the day.


sometimes, you just need some mindless killing to pass the time.  i recommend it as a wonderful break from grinding!  i like to have a 'royal' hunt on my birthday - i recently cleared out my vault and plot storage and turned in a crapload of hunt token for major coin from the last one.  it's also a good way to explore the wonderful world of istaria!