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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

introducing the alchemist skewl

Posted by velveeta Tuesday November 4 2014 at 9:46PM
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the first prestige craft skewl we will meet today is the alchemist.  alchemists work with essence, along with several other components, to make potions.  the pots are then used to buff abilities and skills - such as reaping pots being used to harvest resources.  for instance, quint's quickstep potions are used to increase your speed (bonus based on pot tier) for 20 minutes.  a first level quickstep pot requires 2 glass vials (an item that, itself, must be created), at least 2 dim kinetic suspensions, and at least 8 strips of cedar bark.  alchemists must, therefore, carry a lot of different tools, as some pots may require crushed gems or stone to make.  pots themselves are created from the components using a mortar and pestle at a cauldron.

to join the alchemist skewl, you would first travel to sslanis to speak to sshranu.  you can find this trainer on the upper level of the main fort - take the stairs closest to the port pad - in the corner of the left hand room.  speak to it to join the skewl and trade for the beginner forms.  please do keep in mind that prestige skewls are expensive - to buy, to work, and in time - and the forms are gonna cost you more coin than the lesser skewls.

when you are ready for the next level, seek out morrigan in the outskirts of feladan.  this female fiend has made her home in the elvish city, presumably for its closeness to the bright fields.  find her in the tent under the big tree in the northwest corner of outer wall.  talk to her and trade for the jm forms.

the final alchemist trainer is ghent flaskshaper in aughundell.  he sells both expert and master forms.  find him in the first room of the mine area, just inside the entrance.  speak to him or trade for your needed forms.

now, there is someone known as master alchemist barrakhen.  he is not a trainer - a fact you will discover for yourself if you try to talk to him without good reason.  barrakhen will only take notice of you if you are on the high level adventures dealing with the myloc queen.  he is found in kirasanct, in the little room under the stairs.  he sells 2 forms you need to advance in the quest line.


and that about covers our first prestige skewl,  join me next time to find out about the wonderful world of armorers!!  see you soon.