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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

getting sand up your....hey now!

Posted by velveeta Friday November 9 2012 at 11:37PM
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i forgot to post screenies of making essence orbs.  it's just like making anything else - gather basic resource, access the proper workstation, activate your proper ability, use the proper formula, make the resource.   if you really need them, i will post them, but i think you have the idea by now.

anyway, back to the quest!  if you remember, after showing kerian the dim essence orbs you just made, the dragon trainer tells you that you need another component, one you can only get from hunting.  most techniques require a hunted component.  the shards used to have a component vendor, but the gods took them out.  the shards have gotten nadia back, but she still doesn't sell all components, and what she does is amazingly expensive, and you will have to do a lot of hunting if you plan on adding techs to your crafted items.

for this particular technique, adventure: dragon's breath I, you need the dim orbs and a beetle carapace.  like the dims, this is a location trigger.  as the quest journal tells you, head for the windmill just past the cedar field.  the game chat log will let you know when you get there and your quest journal will tell you to head down the south fork of the road, heading toward the beach.  as you get close, you will start to see beets, but continue until you cross the trigger point before you start killing beets, or they won't count.  once you find the beach and the trigger point, hack away at the beets until you loot a carapace - of course, your quest journal will update, advising you to return to kerian with your prize.

return to the dragon trainer, receive your congradulations and next instructions, and make sure your quest journal updates.


come back soon to see how to finish this quest!  see ya then!