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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

turn to the left, FASHION! part six - finding formula

Posted by velveeta Wednesday October 31 2018 at 8:12PM
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when last we met, zhessix the singed had created the balm, and tasked us with returning it to vrex.  therefore, we leave sslanis via the west coast road, run thru the undead patrols, enter the now-familiar barricades, and find the sslik in its canyon.  greet it and listen to what it has to say.  check your quest journal for confirmation of your task.

the easiest way to get to the ruins is by starting at the barricades.  and by easiest, i mean easier to run thru the nasties on the way.  you will face metal and stone gols the whole way to the ruins, then hordes of undead in the ruins themselves.  if you don't want to fight, you had better be fast.  i recommend assistance for this part of the quest.

to begin your run, head up the cliff that runs behind vrex's canyon and the north gate of the barricades.  run southeast thru the sandstone field, avoiding or fighting the gols that guard it.  take the road heading east thru the canyon there, avoiding the tons of bronze gols that will be everywhere.  turn into the south canyon and keep running until you see a climbable cliff heading upwards, just past the mining machinery.  from the point you begin to climb the cliff, you will need to check your map often to locate the prime place to drop down the other side.  hopefully, you chose the right spot, and can emerge near the ruins and out of the patrol range of the undead.  the trigger point is near the rocks at the 'front' of the ruins.

once you have the formula, you need to head back to sslanis to get it translated.  run very fast to the south of the ruins, thru the undead (buff with swift feet, if you can), and slide down the cliff.  you will be smack in the middle of the west coast road - so keep running to the south until you reach sslanis.

we have been sent to kesh the scholar, who we have met before during the trainer tour.  to find it, go thru the first archway of the main fort, under the stairs to zhessix's level.  turn right, go thru the next archway, and turn left.  kesh's workshop is next to the market stall, across from the fountain, and the sslik can be found amongst its workbenches, just inside the archway.

next time we get together, we will finish up this questline with a rousing battle with giant poultry.  you won't want to miss it!  hope to see you soon.