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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

dalimond town marshal quest - ruxus amongst us

Posted by velveeta Sunday October 22 2017 at 8:42PM
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i WAS going to blog about the fall festival; however, i am still processing the over 250 screenies i took for the event - so that will be the next set of posts!  for now, let's do the last dalimond town marshal quest, shall we?  it is a simple and easy one, in a place we are well acquinted with.

as always, we start by finding drugan and greeting the human male.  choose the 'ruxus among us' quest from the list, accept it, and drugan will fill you in on the particulars of the adventure.  your quest journal informs you that you can hunt ruxus over almost the entire peninsula - but we know a better place!

head to the portals and choose the abandoned isle destination.  when you hit the island, take the by now familiar southwest road.  just after the fabric workstation is the region of the ruxus - they roam both sides of the road all the way to the shore.  you will have no problem getting your 20.

ruxus are big and squishy and bitey.  you have the regular sized and the large ruxus, and both count for the quest.  my hunting technique was really simple - draw em until i got bored, then whack em with the hammer for giggles.  smack around the large and larger until you have a field of dead and the required 20 (it will take longer if you play hide and seek in the corpses, as i love to do).  don't forget to loot the bodies!

easy peasy lemon squeezy!  recall back to dalimond, regreet drugan, and receive your due reward!!


so ends the dalimond town marshal quests.  when next we meet, i will do a series on the fall festival, then we will need to do an attunement run to our next city - home of the helian faction of the dragons, chiconis!  see you soon, i hope.

sorry, forgot to post the whole album link!

fall festival poster

Posted by velveeta Thursday October 5 2017 at 10:46PM
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check out the poster for this year's fall event!  i think it's pretty freaking awesome!

Image may contain: text


if you would like to download it for yourself, you can go here!

dalimond town marshal quest - slate for brains, part 2

Posted by velveeta Sunday October 1 2017 at 7:26PM
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ready to continue our attunement tour and hunting party?  hope so, cause here we go!

when last we left, we had attuned to the settlement of heart.  let's fit one more attunement in before we head to the slate golems, shall we?  the settlement of central valley lies just a short run north of our current position.

stay on the paved road heading north from the guard post.  very soon, you will see an arbor over the road; just past the arbor is the guard post with eilin abbath standing patrol.

approach the private and greet her.  accept the attunement quest  and  you will be able to travel to central valley from any available portal.  this is a good thing, as central valley is the closest portal to the shortcuts to dalimond ridge - where several of drugan's town marshal quests can be done.

okay, we are done with this part of the attunement tour, but not quite the tour itself.  we still need to attune to slate crest itself.  however, between us and slate crest is the mountain top with the slate golems we need to hunt.  therefore, let's head to the slate field first.

starting from the guard post, head east toward the pass visible between 3 hills.  follow the trail to your right (east), thru another pass, until you come to a cliff that rises.  climb the cliff and over to a small plateau, run along that to the cliff pass to the east, over that to another plateau with yet another pass to go thru at the other end, a short climb to the top of the mountain, and you will emerge in the middle of a vast field of slate - and slate golems.  lots and lots of gols.

there is a convenient stone workstation in the middle of the field to use as a landmark while you are hunting.  it is not a safe haven, however, as the gols are no respecters of machinery.  slate gols are a fair challenge for a soloist, and shouldn't be much problem for a group or anyone with a bodyguard.  they have a small aggro range, so drawing one to a good spot is a smart technique before going into melee.  after killing, do not forget to loot - might as well get a little extra coin while you are here, eh?  don't forget to use your quest journal to keep count.

there is a lot of territory to hunt in, so if you are just a little careful, you should be able to get your full count of ded gols in safety.  time to head back to dalimond - but first, let's head to slate crest.

as you can see from the last map posted above, there are 2 shortcuts between slate crest and the mountain top.  i ended up closest to the northern shortcut, which is also the one closest to albus torrin, the private who gives out the attunement to slate crest.  either way, head east over the mountain; in our case, thru one of two passes.  stay easterly until you reach the outskirts of slate crest (there are no roads, so use your map to orient) until you find the guard post.  approach the post and greet albus to get the attunement quest.  accept the quest and you wil have porting permission for slate crest.

at this point, i recalled back to dalimond (return how you wish, but one hopes you recall as well), ending up very near the town marshal  regreet drugan to get your just reward.

well, that was fun, don't you think?  i love going to places i don't visit often.  thank you for giving me a reason to do so.  join me again soon for another adventure!

here is the slate for brains album.