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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

this is my blog of the mostest awesome mmo currently available! go to for more information!

Author: velveeta

trials of the gifted, part 3 - soul

Posted by velveeta Wednesday October 26 2016 at 5:21PM
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time to do the quickest trial of the 5 - the trial of the soul.  remember how i kept nagging you about binding to the shrine?  well, here's where you need it!

you should be standing in front of the assessor of souls, if you have finished the swiftness trial.  the trial of the soul is very simple (this link is to the outdated wiki page, but the basic info about the quest remains the same).

once you have finished the previous trial, greet the assessor again and follow her instructions.  this is another timed trial, but as long as you recall, you should be okay - providing you don't go afk or log off, of course.  when you accept the quest, the trial begins.

locate, quickly, your recall icon (the windows are movable and yours may be in another location than mine).  you will see the splash screen (there are many, each more delightful than the last) tracking your recall progress, and then you will pop out of the nowhere at the shrine.  orient yourself to the swiftness assessor's hut, head there on the qt, and greet the assessor to complete this trial.  you will notice that the swiftness assessor advises you to seek out the endurance assessor, when you are ready.  so we shall, when next we meet.

that's it for now, see you again soon for more trials!


go here for the slightly less than 3 minute video.

trials of the gifted, part 2 - swiftness

Posted by velveeta Friday October 21 2016 at 9:22PM
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when last we met, we were heading to the building where the assessor of swiftness awaits, in order to start you in your next trial (this is one of the trials that has been updated on the wiki page).  the building is the furthest north, next to the outgoing portal.

as befits a being that tests speed, the assessor is a saris.  greet him - the first time he will advise you to bind to the shrine before starting (which i hope you did at the end of the last trial).  once you have bound, return to the assessor and greet him again.  this is the start of the actual test, and from this moment, you are being timed.  for that reason, i didn't hang around to take screenies of the quest journal, but you prolly know by now that it merely repeats the same info.  as quickly as you can, you need to head for the western gate area and find the assessor of souls.

take the main road past the incoming portal and up to the fork in the road below the manor house.  take the right fork and keep running until you see the western gate.  next to it, near a tower, you will find the assessor of souls.  approach and greet to complete your timed trial.


as you see, the trial of the soul is the next adventure!  see you soon to do it.


go here to watch the 3.5 minute video of this part of the trials.

trials of the gifted, part 1b - knowledge

Posted by velveeta Wednesday October 12 2016 at 7:04PM
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i'm not sure what is best - do i post the video before or after?  to me, it feels more natural to do it after, so you have had the opportunity to read the blog and see the stills.  there is a lot of pauses in the video where i am orienting myself or taking screenies or even selfies, as you may have noticed.  so, unless you guys tell me differently, i think i will keep saving the vids for last.

anyhoo, to recap, we ended last time with the imperial assessor advising us to speak to the other exiled scholars, to be found on an island (the island they share with the monk trainer, who we have met) northwest of the manor.  turn left when leaving the manor and keep running until you hit the beach.  watch out for sand beets - they aren't too aggressive as long as you keep your distance.  except for gritus maximus - that bastitch will attack anyone at any time.  once over the cliff, you should be between bammas the fisherman (on your right) and the beginning of the land bridge to the scholars' island on your left.  

i believe i have spoken about the possiblity of drowning in istaria.  in the video, you will see it a little better, of course, but basically - if you stay underwater long enough to run out of breath, you will die and need to recall to your bound shrine with a deathpoint.  keep in mind that your movement is slowed as well, just like you were severely overburdened.  every other way to die ingame is better than drowning.......

once you make it across the bridge, you will immediately see the copse of trees where the scholars hang out and discuss the old days.  the assessor told you to seek out the scholar of the age of dragons, and greet him to listen to his tale of history regarding the sky lords.  your quest journal will advise you to next approach the scholar of the age of warrior kings.

this human male is standing next to dragon scholar, ready for you to greet him and hear about the glory days of humans.  once he is done, you are told to speak next to the scholar of the age of sorcerers.

one doesn't usually associate dwarves with sorcery or scholarship, but this male embodies both.  once you greet him, he is happy to tell you all about how sorcerers came to be both feared and dreaded before sending you to the last scholar - that of the age of lamentations.

the half giant scholar is waiting for you next to the warrior kings scholar, so greet him to get the story of how the withered aegis rose to be such a menace to all the races of istaria.  once he has finished, he gives you the token of knowledge and tells you to seek out the assessor of swiftness for your next trial.

so, cross the land bridge again - don't doddle - and head back down the beach towward the shrine, avoiding the beets as you go.  you will be told to bind to the shine for the next trial anyway, so do stop and do so on the way.  after that, head back toward the port pads, in particular for the far northern building next to the outgoing port.  

but more on that next time.  hope to see you soon!

go here for the vid of part 1b of the trials.  this clip is just shy of being 17 minutes long.  at approximately the 4:05 mark, you will see the underwater effects on your breath and something of the possibilities of drowning, a very ignoble way to die ingame.

trials of the gifted, part 1a

Posted by velveeta Thursday October 6 2016 at 6:30PM
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well, the time has finally come to do the new trials of the gifted.  being 'gifted' is what sets the players apart from the npcs.  in game terms, normal peeps (the npcs) can die permanently.  the gifted return to life when killed, altho with temporary disadvantages due to death points.  the more death points you have, the more severe the penalty.

while it is not required to do the trials to get the benefits and penalties - my blight dragon, mourningwood, has it as a point of pride that he is not officially gifted (i did the old trials, not realizing they were borked, and never received the ability) - it is the defining characteristic of player characters.  

back in the day, the trials were given by steward pratt in new trismus.  since the invasion by the withered aegis and the destruction of the town, the questfolk have moved to kion and the quest is now the responsibility of our dear friend, krianos.

you know the routine.  approach the kion town marshal and speak to him to choose the trials quest.  listen to his speech explaining the concept and giving the first instructions to set you on the path.

so, off we go to find the imperial assessor of knowledge.  the man has found a safe haven for his research in the library of mayor kendra's manor on the hill.  take the road to the hill, go up and turn to your left at the porch.  you will see the assessor as he prowls the bookcases.  when you first greet him, he is not happy to be interrupted, so you have to prod him again to get his attention.  choose the trial of knowledge quest (it's the only one, so you shouldn't get too confused), and listen to what the scholar has to say.  he advises you to seek out the other exiled scholars to learn more about what it means to be gifted.

come back soon to locate and meet those scholars and learn what they have to teach.  see you soon!



okay, here's the deal. i have this prog that i don't even know where i got it from, but it records your game play. usually, it only recorded my steam games, so i didn't realize it had recorded my last istaria session - where i am doing the trials of the gifted.

so, if you want to watch soknot do the quests, you can follow along with the new posts, as i am gonna break the whole hour long video into clips to correspond with the topic of the post. i have no idea if this is something that will continue or only happen this once, so enjoy what you have.....  just fyi - the video linked below is approximately 9.5 minutes long.

go here for part 1a of the video