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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

the prestige adventure skewls - flame disciple

Posted by velveeta Saturday October 10 2015 at 7:37AM
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today, we will make the perilous journey to meet the single flame disciple trainer.  it will be a packed post for a trainer - because, make no mistake, getting to him is dangerous, even for the highest level character.  the road to this trainer will be all maps, because i dared not stop to take screenies.  my greatest advice to those seeking to become a flame disciple is to make sure you have a body guard or two for the trip.  this is no joke or idle warning, as you will see.......


flame disciples are an elite rank of monk, using flame magic learned in leveling in the mage skewl to add deadly damage to their unarmed strikes.  officially, you need a skill of 200 in unarmed strike (about level 20 in monk is best) and the quest 'learn the disciplines', obtained from hasera in kion.  unofficially, at least a passing knowledge of working magic is greatly beneficial.  there are 3 other disciplines monk can choose to specialize in, and we will meet them presently.

the human male senetal is the flame disciple trainer, and he is located in a very dangerous area near the upper northwest coast of dralk.  he makes his home in the tower of wizardry, and to reach it, you must run or fight your way thru lava oastics (now known as volcanic pustules, a much kewler name), thel'kuk, and zal'kuk hordes.  i used swift feet as much as i could, and i still almost died at least twice.  the area surrounding (including underneath, if you should happen to fall off a cliff, something quite easy to do) the tower is the breeding grounds for 2 types of obsidian gols, the beets formerly known as lava, and other assorted heated nasties.  seriously, by the time i got to the tower itself, i had quite the number of near hits.........

anyhoo, on to the directions.  starting in dralk, you want to head in a north northwesterly direction.  stay on the road - DO NOT STRAY FROM IT!!   you need the road speed bonus.  i followed the swiftest and safest road, altho you can see from the map that there are longer ways to get to the tower.

once you stand at the bridge to the tower, the trip is still not over, just not dangerous anymore.  once you cross the bridge and enter the tower, you have to climb to the top to find senetal.  after all that effort, he had nothing to say to me.  i hope you guys are appreciating all this!  ;-}p


i suppose the journey is a test to see just how badly you want to be a flame disciple.  i hope it is worth it for you!  join me again soon to discover another prestige adventure skewl. writes:
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