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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

introducing the enchanter construction skewl

Posted by velveeta Friday October 10 2014 at 9:09PM
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time to meet the enchanter skewl - enchanters make contruction materials out of essence.  using an  essence siphon to harvest the raw essence, enchanters can then use an essence channeler to make both the basic orbs (along with a shaper) and, using the orbs and a structurer - and, of course, the proper forms - the finished construction materials.  these are sources and spheres, which you apply to the buildings using the essence structurer.

there are only 3 trainers for this skewl, one for each level.  to start, you need to port or run to sslanis.  if you can, porting is best, as it puts you out almost in front of klaatos' hut.  the sslik can be found in its hut up the road from the incoming port pad.  trade with klaatos to get your beginner forms.

when you are ready, you can find the journeyman trainer in dalimond.  seek out richlan  in the largest building in the human town, in the last room on the left side of the building.  he will be happy to sell you the jm forms you need.

kavanth is the last and expert enchanter trainer.  the fiend can be found in kirasanct, of course.  go up the stairs and look for him in the large room to your right.  speaking to him will give you some info about the skewl and you can trade for the expert forms you need.

there we have the enchanter construction skewl in a nutshell.  soon, we will meet the 3rd of the construction skewls - hope to see you back here soon!