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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

introducing the weaver construction skewl

Posted by velveeta Friday October 24 2014 at 7:36PM
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time to meet our final construction skewl, the weaver.  obviously, weavers work in fabric to make construction materials.  using a harvest knife, weavers gather the raw fibers.  at a distaff machine in a fabric workstation and using a pair of scissors, weavers turn the fiber into spools.  using the spools, a loom, and a weaving awl, weavers then make construction materials - namely, tapestries and bolts.

there are only 2 weaver trainers.  the beginning trainer is bashale, and you can find him in the manor house at the top of the hill in kion.  turn right thru the door and find the trainer at the back of the room.  speak to him to join the weaver skewl and trade for the beginner forms.

the journeyman and expert trainer, ayios, is in kirasanct.  he is located in the lower level left of the main fort area.  speak to him and get both your jm and expert forms from him. 


and that just about covers it for the construction skewls!!  when next we meet, we will start our exploration of the last set of crafting skewls, the prestige classes.  most of these only have 3 (in at least one case, only 2) trainers at most, so i think we can cover them in one post each.  join me next time!!

introducing the mason construction skewl

Posted by velveeta Wednesday October 22 2014 at 9:03PM
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today, we move on to the construction skewl that deals with stone - the mason.  like the fitter, mason use the mining pick to harvest the raw stone, then use a stone chisel and a stone cutter in a stoneworking station to make the bricks.  using the bricks, a masonry trowel, and pedestal, masons make construction materials like keystones and blocks.  of course, you apply the finished construction materials using the masonry trowel.

to get started in the mason skewl, you would first visit amaris in parsinia.  he can be find just inside the left hand entrance of the main fort. speak to him to join or trade to get your beginner forms.

the journeyman mason trainer is hilar torvas in mahagra.  she is in the right hand room of the main fort area with the blacksmith and scholar trainers.  speak to her and trade for your jm forms.

our last mason trainer is located on the lower mine level of aughundell.  torkon stonesplitter will tell you about masons and he will sell you the expert forms you need.

see you soon to cover the last construction skewl and associated trainers.  catch you then!!!

introducing the fitter construction skewl

Posted by velveeta Tuesday October 14 2014 at 5:53PM
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let's meet the construction skewl that works with metal - the fitter.  using a mining pick, fitters harvest the raw ore and turn it into bars, using a smelter and smelting tongs.  then, using the proper forms, a fitting mallet, and an anvil, fitters turn the bars into sheets and joints.  of course, the mallet is also used to apply the finished materials to the building.

fitters only have 3 trainers, one for each level.  to begin your fitting career, you need to speak to unaya in parsinia.  she can be found just inside the entrance to the main fort that is directly in front of the gate.  speak to her to become a fitter and buy your beginning forms.

our journeyman fitter trainer is devisha in mahagra.  speak to her in her own workstation, next to the main fort, to join the skewl or trade to get the jm forms.

instead of aughundell, as one might suppose, the expert fitter trainer is found in the gnomish city of new rachival.  as we meet more trainers, we will become more familiar with new rach, but it may be a little unexplored if you are following these blogs only.  brinkel is the trainer to look and speak to.  find him almost dead center of the main fort, 2nd floor, on top of the tower.  he has your expert forms as well.


and that's it for the fitter trainers.  come back soon to meet #4!  see you then.

introducing the enchanter construction skewl

Posted by velveeta Friday October 10 2014 at 8:09PM
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time to meet the enchanter skewl - enchanters make contruction materials out of essence.  using an  essence siphon to harvest the raw essence, enchanters can then use an essence channeler to make both the basic orbs (along with a shaper) and, using the orbs and a structurer - and, of course, the proper forms - the finished construction materials.  these are sources and spheres, which you apply to the buildings using the essence structurer.

there are only 3 trainers for this skewl, one for each level.  to start, you need to port or run to sslanis.  if you can, porting is best, as it puts you out almost in front of klaatos' hut.  the sslik can be found in its hut up the road from the incoming port pad.  trade with klaatos to get your beginner forms.

when you are ready, you can find the journeyman trainer in dalimond.  seek out richlan  in the largest building in the human town, in the last room on the left side of the building.  he will be happy to sell you the jm forms you need.

kavanth is the last and expert enchanter trainer.  the fiend can be found in kirasanct, of course.  go up the stairs and look for him in the large room to your right.  speaking to him will give you some info about the skewl and you can trade for the expert forms you need.

there we have the enchanter construction skewl in a nutshell.  soon, we will meet the 3rd of the construction skewls - hope to see you back here soon!

introducing the carpenter construction skewl

Posted by velveeta Friday October 3 2014 at 7:48PM
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just as dragons get to build lairs, bipeds can do construction.  unlike dragons, however, there are 5 different construction skewls.  today we will be introduced to the carpenter skewl.

as you might guess, carpenters turn raw wood into construction materials.  they use a wood axe to harvest the wood, a wood saw to make boards, and a carpentry hammer to make the braces and timbers needed to build the different workshops and homes and even decorations on a player's plot.  the use of a woodworking station is also required.  of course, you need to have the appropriate formulas as well.  you will also need to have the carpentry hammer in hand to apply the finished materials to the building.

to get started in the carpentry field, you have to visit a trainer.  as with all trainers, they come in 3 sizes; beginner, journeyman, and expert.

carpenters have 2 beginner trainers to choose from.  maruna can be found in the kion suburb of parsinia.  she is in the lower level of the fort proper (use the entrance directly across from the gate), toward the corner of the long hall near the stairs.  she is happy to provide you with basic equipment and formulas.

just outside the dalimond city gates, you can find eujean.  he is near the wood yard, and speaking to him will allow you to join the skewl or buy the beginner forms you need.

there is only one jm carpenter trainer, and you can find the elf in, of course, the elven city of feladan.  you have actually been in his room before (lower level left of the essence channeler), when meeting the blacksmith trainers.  being an elf, he is much more longwinded than the beginner trainers, and offers the jm forms.

the last trainer to meet is expert carpenter vincent, in kirasanct.  to find him, you need to go up the stairs in the main fort, turn into the first right hand archway, and he will be on your left in the corner of the room.  speak to him to join the skewl, or trade to get the exp forms.


so, now you know about the carpenter skewl!  join me next time to get to know another exciting construction skewl!