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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

this is my blog of the mostest awesome mmo currently available! go to for more information!

Author: velveeta

the crystalshaper story

Posted by velveeta Wednesday October 23 2013 at 12:34PM
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i received an email from the gods today, and included was this short story involving the new crystalshaper skewl.  since it's awesomeness should be shared, i present it here for your pleasure!  enjoy!


The Crystalshaper

Keilinor paced around the chamber, her focus on the large table in the center. It was covered with various papers, scrolls and parchments, all of which she'd read multiple times. Her frustration grew with every step. Her wings began flapping, scattering the papers about the room.

"Now look what you've done", she glared back at the offending membranes as though they weren't a part of her. Truth be told, this isn't the first time she'd sent the papers flying around the room. It was a bad habit that she'd had since her years as a hatchling first learning to fly. One that years as an adult dragon and scholar hadn't broken yet.

Keilinor was one of the elite group of dragons who were considered by many to be the historians of Istaria, the record keepers. She'd been chosen and groomed by Karane the Historian since she was first hatched, so that now, many decades later, she had reached the level of Master Historian in her particular field. But that was the problem... her field was one that was so specialized, few dragons even attempted research in that particular area. Her task seemed simple on the surface. Find records of Elders who had gone through the Gate of Embers and record their names and all the information about them. But to the Ancients of long ago, record keeping and the listing of names in those records was not important. More often than not, or so it seemed to Keilinor, there were so few dragons that all seemed to know "who was who" based on where lairs were built or where a particular dragon's territory was, so no names were recorded.

As she began to carefully collect the papers yet again, using her protective claw covers to ensure that the delicate parchment wasn't damaged further by an inadvertent claw tear, she heard the clicking of claws coming down the hall.

"Blast it, wings, now Karane is coming and will know that you've done it again!" She began to move quickly about the chamber, hoping that her display of temper could be cleaned up before Karane arrived. After all, Karane was one of the most Ancient of Ancients and so didn't move quite as quickly any more.

From the chuckle she heard coming down the hall, however, she knew there was nothing wrong with Karane's hearing.

"Frustration get the better of you again, young one?", she heard as Karane rounded the corner. Had a dragon been able to blush, Keilinor was sure her snout would be quite red rather than it's normal green in that moment.

"Perhaps just a bit, Ancient One." Keilinor chuckled. "But it was time for me to rearrange anyway. Look at things from a new point of view."

"So do I take it to mean that you have nothing new to report then?" Karane asked.

"Well, not nothing, so much as, nothing of any substance. I did find a reference in one document to a group of three dragons called "The Triad", but there are no names given, and there is little about them beyond the mention of them traveling through the Gate of Embers together."

"The Triad, you say? I seem to recall a reference to that in a manuscript I had loaned to Semeneth quite some time ago. Please let me see what you have found."

Keilinor searched through the papers she had already picked up, looking for the particular one Karane had asked for. "Here it is. You see here, where it says, The Triad went through the Gate together. Each was an expert in a different area of the shaping of lairs, it says here. But that is all, unfortunately."

"Thank you, Keilinor. That is actually progress. We know that much knowledge was lost with those who passed through the Gate of Embers, and much has been regained as the Elders have returned. Please, do not consider what you have found to be trivial at all, as this, combined with the information on the record I lent to Semeneth, may be enough to put us on back on the path to learning more about the Crystalshapers. Continue your research, please. I will seek out Semeneth to see what more we can find."


Keilinor knew a dismissal when she heard one and bowed to Karane as the Ancient dragon turned to leave. "Perhaps my time here is more important than I had thought," she whispered to herself. "If only we could learn to shape crystals for ourselves again, this might turn the tide of the battle against the Aegis once and for all."

finishing up some quests

Posted by velveeta Sunday October 20 2013 at 3:42PM
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while I bemoan my lack of employment, it does allow spare time in game.  with that in mind, here are the completions of a couple dralk adventure trainer quests.

since they are so close, I chose to finish the quests rykhar and xerix presented me.  both quests required baddies located near the coast of northern char.  as you can see from the map, you can take the road - most def the long way around, full of baddies who will slow you down and be of little use to your purpose.  I chose to follow the coastline.  if you remember the umbelroth quest that required bathing in the waters of dralk, you know the way, thru the ravine just before the lairshaper cave, then running westerly along the edge of the water until you start to see opal nodes.

the first baddies I reached were the opal golems, part of xerix's quest to discover how opal gols breed.  head to the coast, find the gols, and defeat 20 of them.  when you have done so, your quest journal will update and you will see the notice in your game chat log.  return to xerix in the lower level of the green cave of dralk's floating crystal island and get your congrads and quest reward of 248000 xp and level VII of tooth and claw mastery.

before you head back, however, a short run to the west will bring you to zal'kuk territory, where the fire pygmies and, more importantly to me, ogres roam.  as an aside, the fire creatures used to be called flame creatures, so keep that in mind.  the fire pygmy named boss, gnaar, also roams here, and, while the ordinary pygs and ogres did not give me much trouble, that lil guy wrote me in the ded book, so I recommend staying away from him, if possible.

anyway, once you are in the territory, proceed with extreme assertiveness and wipe out 20 fire ogres.  as normal, once you have, your quest journal and game log will update.  return to rykhar, located in the cave next to the large lava cauldron below the port pad area.  speak to the trainer and receive your reward of 364000 xp and level VIII of the spiked scales ability. 


well, that was a good day's work done!  since I am not sure what I will be posting next, come back soon for a surprise for us both!!  see ya then!


a break for some kewl stuff!!

Posted by velveeta Friday October 18 2013 at 7:35AM
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the gods of istaria have been so very busy!  this week's update was full of new changes and things that have been long awaited and anticipated!!

the most awesome thing, to me, is this:

Crystalshaper and the Fiery Rift
The long-awaited release of the Crystalshaper school for Dragons is now available! This school offers Dragon characters the capability to craft crystals that can be consumed for temporary, but powerful buffs. A wide range of crystal types are available including Healing, Resistance, Armor, and more. Dragons must be level 80 Adventurer and level 20 Lairshaper in order to begin the quest to become a Crystalshaper and must speak with Ristef the Elder near the Gate of Embers. The Fiery Rift is a new mini-dungeon zone that contains a long-lost Dragon that traveled with Relstaroth and Balennos as well as many new monsters and challenges. The Fiery Rift is primarily intended for Dragons, but those players who desire it can give Stones of Seeking to their two-legged friends and allow them access. Aratanosh might even speak to them and offer them quests!

For more on Crystalshaper go here: (Crystalshaper Guide - Coming Soon!)


for more great stuff, go here!

meeting the primal mastery trainer

Posted by velveeta Sunday October 13 2013 at 10:16PM
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you may remember, in dralk, there were 2 tooth and claw trainers - xerix, who is the trainer for the ability, and perido, the dragon who offers quests of mastery.  being lunus trainers, it is natural that dragons at dralk would show you how to master a physical ability.  in chiconis, being the city of the magic using faction of dragonkind, the ability with 2 trainers is primal magic.

conveniently, both trainers are located in cave 3, marked with the blood red crystal formation.  running across the bridge and turning to your left, you will find grizelian the primal master in the alcove.

speak to griz and the dragon will start you on an adventure.  as you can see, my particular quest is long and involved.  there is much refelling of fallen warriors of the dragon type, of course.

i will be putting off this particular quest until last, as it requires a lot of time and effort to complete.  once i get it done, i will post it, but it will be a while!

next time, we find out about the cave mate of griz!  see you then!

the chiconis dragon adventure trainer

Posted by velveeta Friday October 11 2013 at 9:05PM
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since i am well past the level where i can make use of this particular trainer, let me get sandava out of the way.  this trainer offers quests to lower level adventuring dragons, and trades in forms for the rest of us.

this trainer is located in the floating crystal island of chiconis, in cave 4's lower level,  to be precise.  the way to the island has been covered elsewhere, but allow me to remind you how to get there.

from the port pad, you have several directions you can go, but for now, head past the portal and up the ravine and across the bridge.

go to the far right cave mouth, marked by the aquamarine colored crystal formation.  head down the ramp and speak to sandava.  if you are the proper level, the trainer will offer you some quests.  as you can see, i am not of the proper level!  ;-}

come back soon to get introduced to a trainer you will need to become familiar with, no matter what your level!  see ya soon!

tooth and claw mastery

Posted by velveeta Wednesday October 9 2013 at 9:10AM
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don't be too mad at me, please.  i can't find some (okay, most) of the screenie i took for this trainer.  it's not easy getting old, you young whippersnappers!  unfortunately, this is also a quest that needs updating at the wiki page, and it is one i didn't get to finish yet.  so it will be a short and prolly not very informative post.... ;-{

the last trainer we will be meeting on dralk is xerix, the tooth and claw trainer.  you can find this dragon down the ramp in cave 4 of the floating crystal island.

greeting xerix, the dragon will talk to you about pinning down the breeding grounds of golems - in particular, opals. checking your quest journal will show that you don't have to go too far to get this quest done!

if you remember the umbelroth quest, you have already been to the general area of the golems.  go there, find the gols, kill 20 of them, and return to xerix.

unfortunately for me, life got real interesting for a month and now is down to desperately underemployed.  so, while i will now be looking for a job with most of my time, it also means that i can get a bit more game into the life!  so, i may be finishing up this quest and getting the missing screenies in a day or two!  i will update the post then, so come back soon and thanx for reading these little bits of drivel!  next time, we go back to chiconis to meet the adventure trainers there.