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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

important stuff i keep forgetting

Posted by velveeta Friday October 12 2012 at 4:35PM
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with all the running around and crafting and fighting, i always forget about the important stuff like training points and hotkeying new abilities.  i have already covered training points and how to use them, but i have neglected abilities, which is just not right!

while looking on my character page for something else, i noticed that i had to allocate some training points.  doing that reminded me that i should check my abilities, to see if i had gotten any new ones.  which i had, indeed!

every race and profession has particular abilities.  some are  masterable (meaning you are able to advance them thru quests, etc. [this particular line of blogs started with my desire to show you the location of all trainers, starting with the dragon trainers.  soon as i get done with the starting dragon quests, i will bring in mourningwood, who can safely get to all the trainers.]), some are of a set effectiveness.  some are passive, some are active (meaning you have to invoke them).  it is the active ones you have to hotkey for easy use.

masterable skills can also be used when you switch skewls - for instance, as a level 100 warrior, velveeta can use, let's say, defensive style when in cleric skewl as well, because it is a masterable ability - once you have mastered it, you know it.  non masterable abilities are not available when you switch to another skewl, like power shot - an ability only available to crossbowmen, elemental archers, rangers and scouts.  even switching from crossbowman to warrior (using the same weapons, armour, etc.) does not let the warrior skewl get access to power shot.

you already have some experience with abilities - after all the crafting, you are very familiar with dragon crafting abilities like mining, stoneworking and essence harvesting.  so hotkeying your adventure abilities shouldn't be any prob!

at this point, soknot is at level 8 adventurer.  the following are the abilities i have that are active, and therefore require hotkeying (the following format applies = ability (wiki description): name (screenie):

ability: bite

ability: breath of fire

ability: galewind

ability: ravage

ability: refreshing breeze (notice refreshing breeze is not masterable, altho that scarcely matters for dragons, as they only get one adventuring skewl anyway)

ability: sprint (saris, being very fleet of foot, get an extra, faster version of sprint)

ability: silver strike (omg, silver strike and gold rage when you can get it, will be your dragon's bestest friends!!)

ability: tail whip

almost all active abilities have a recycle timer, the time it takes to regain the use of the ability.  some adventure abilities auto recycle when you choose a new target.

so, my advice is to not be the eternal noob i am, and try to remember to allocate your training points and hotkey your new abilities every level.  dragons eventually get reminded when you can't use the lower tier ability (crafting abilities in particular.  the hotkey will grey out and you will get the 'you don't have the proper ability or tool' message), but who needs to lose all that experience while you do the quest?


now that that is out of the way, we can get back to the training quests!  see you soon for more! writes:
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