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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

this is my blog of the mostest awesome mmo currently available! go to for more information!

Author: velveeta


Posted by velveeta Saturday October 24 2009 at 4:32PM
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Please go to for more information about this awesome game!

the main way to travel swiftly in istaria is by teleportals. the major towns and settlements have at least a port in, most have a port out (even if it only goes to the main port hub, bristugo).
most of the mjor towns are known as racial towns, meaning that the races have a 'home': kion for saris, sslanis for sslik, chiconis or dralk for draggys (depending on faction), kirasanct for fiends, etc. (
until last tuesday, the bristugo and the racial towns were 'free' to attune to. by that, i mean you automatically had the ability to select them to port to from a valid outgoing port. some of the minor ports, like most of the trandalar ports, require a quest to be fulfilled to gain the access to the port. this is called attunement.
most towns and settlements also have a shrine. characters can right clik on the shrine and 'bind' to that particular town - for instance, all my alts and snake have bound to bristugo, which turned out to be a great big boon!
on tuesday, the gods decreed that bristugo, chiconis, and dalimond, as well as the dalimond pennisula ports for the lesser towns, required attunement to access them. as bristugo is a main port hub (it has port access to almost all of the settlement, pennisula, and town ports, see below:

the upright circles are the outgoing ports, the platform in the middle is the incoming pad), many peeps bind to shrines elsewhere, like their personal shrines on their plots and port to brist to get around.

well on tuesday, they made brist unavailable until you attune. this left a lot of peeps stranded on faraway plots and islands without a way to get to brist and therefore to most other places. this has not, of course, made us players happy.
leading consensus is, the gods should have automatically given existing players attunement to the ports, at least the hub and major towns that we had access to on monday.......

however, given the past we have had with this game, most of us elder players have learned the futility of protesting too much. virtrium is the best owner to have control of istaria in many a year, and we all have hopes that these little minuses will lead to newer and fresher blood.

anyhoo, the reality is that i have to reattune to the places i once roamed with impunity. being bound to brist, it was easy enough to do that attunement. all that remained was a run around the world, attuning to the new places.

the closest town to brist to attune to is dalimond, home of the humans:

(i am the white dot in the lower left center, under the bristugo tag. you can't see the roads or paths very well, but there is one between brist and dali. a little further and up a bit from the blighted area in the lower right corner is the town of chiconis.)

so off i run to dalimond, to see the man with the attunement plan. he is next to a statue of a winged creature (the gods redesigned the dali pennisula as part of the tier 2 revamp and added/deleted things and terrain, so the statues infesting dali are new to me).
like most mmo's, npcs with quests to give have a indicator - for istaria, thats a grey bubble with a ! in it:


rightcliking on npcs brings up a menu of ways you can interact with the npc (greet, trade, etc) (like this, using the chiconis attunement guy for example:


choosing the greet option, you will get a dialogue text and link screen. some npcs have more than one quest to give, like the npc for sable shores attunement:


and these are always good for something to do when you are done crafting.....

so, i approach the councilman, rightclik and get the blahblah woofwoof:


i clik the link for the attunement quest, and get the following (notice the game update in the lower right corner text box):


i repeated the process for chiconis and sable shores. i still have like 5 or 6 more pennisula ports to attune to, but i am only really concerned with the main ports for now. i will leave the rest for when i am bored!


on another front, i recieved my plot slot for posting this blog, but the plot i want is owned!! fortunately, the owner is not a full time resident of blight and is only using the plot to design a plot for another player. i am promised that i will be able to buy it when the current owner is done, as they have no interest in having a plot on blight shard. so yippee!! soon i will be able to do a series on designing and building a plot!