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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

this is my blog of the mostest awesome mmo currently available! go to for more information!

Author: velveeta

kaa the shade

Posted by velveeta Saturday October 24 2009 at 5:14PM
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Please go to for more information about this awesome game!


so, as a character in istaria, dragons go thru 3 'life cycles'. you start life as a hatchie. after reaching a certain level in both adventuring and crafting (unlike bipeds, draggys do not have 'schools' they can pick and choose from - for instance, velveeta has several 100 level [the max] adventure and crafting schools - and are limited to a max overall rating of 100, whereas peds can reach 200, 250, or even higher overall rating (vel is currently 150 overall, for instance), draggys seek to become adult, then ancient.

the level is different for every player. some, like me, take pride in the ability to be able to handle the adult rites of passage (as the set of quests that must be done to advance to each life stage is called) alone by waiting til they are high level to begin (personally, i am trying to wait til i hit 100 in crafting so can make the 100/100 hatchie club); others choose to take help and start the rites as soon as they reach a reasonable level.

once a hatchie completes the rites of adulthood, they gain the ability to fly and, depending on faction, either a lightning or a flame breath weapon, as in:
Will give the following
Path of the Lunus - +40 Flame Resistance, +20 Tooth and Claw.
Stat gains for aging: +200 Health, +50 strength, +45 Armor, +75 Fly Speed
completion of the rite also gives the adult the quest for khutit form, which is a 'shapechange' ability to switch betwee normal draggy form and the 'biped' form (which to me always looks like a sslik [the race of my bro's character, snake eyes]).

so anyway, on my shard, i helped a hatchie do one of the adult quests. the prospective hatchie must kill a named mob called kaa the shade. kaa is found at the bottom of a spiral canyon in the heart of the enemy's territory. of course,over the years, elder players have discovered the safe place for a hatchie to hang out while some higher level (perferably adult draggys who can fly and pull kaa from the center of the spiral to the safe place) characters pull kaa thru the hoard of baddies that inhabit the spiral with kaa.

after a couple days of tracking down the needed help (dascede, the hatchie doing the rop, was at the minimum level to begin the rites), we finally got to the safe place - as a non flyer, i put vel into cleric school (instead of my fave, warrior) to provide healing and resurrections as needed and waited with the young ones until the adults pulled kaa to us:


once the adults, firetalker and fermi, had pulled kaa to the area beneath us (we are on a bluff overlooking the entrance to the spiral), the group jumped off the bluff (horizons doesn't have fall damage, so characters can jump off towers and mountains without taking harm, and hatchies can practice flying by 'gliding' off the tops.... here is a group of us on the top of granitefall mountain and gliding into the heart of chiconis, one of the draggy cities:


unfortunately, in the excitement, i was unable to take screenies of the battle between dascede and kaa. i am happy to report that altho asc did die once, we were able to rez her in time to complete the battle and finish the quest as needed:


(kaa is the whitish lump lying on the ground in the middle of the screenie - the higher levels never recall until the younguns have left, of course. if you look closely at the list of names on the right side of the screenie, you will see the current advent school, the level of that school, and the overall character rating in paraentheses [for instance, velveeta is currently in the cleric {clr} school at max level, rating 150])

i am happy to report that dascede is now an adult and is undergoing her khutit form quest at this time. this is good experience for when i finally get mourningwood to the rop stage!


i will, hopefully, begin to build up a more complete screenie file so i can have more visual info to put in these reports. i plan on writing something about each of my online sessions. that should hopefully get me more experience in explaining the sheer awesomeness that horizons has to offer!

see you soon with more tales from the land of horizons!