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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

town marshal quest - golem training

Posted by velveeta Monday September 16 2019 at 7:30PM
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after exploring the new bristugo, enter the portal and pop up in chiconis.  remember to bind to the chiconis shrine, unless you want to keep running back to town after fulfilling the quest requirements!  clerash is just a few steps up the road south.  greet the noble dragon, choose the 'golem training' quest from the options, click the accept button, and you will get the details from clerash and your quest journal.

finding iron golems is easy.  follow the road southwest until you get to the crafter lair.  the road forks here, so take the true south road thru myrkar.  at the top of the road, you will see a normal dragon lair, which will serve as a landmark, so you know you are near chiconis.

at this point, you can find iron golems to suit your purpose in the canyons east of the road.  the downside is - the gols are very spread out over a large area.  if you want easier prey, stay on the road as it heads north thru the valley between mountain ranges.

soon enough, you will start to see the gols - usually in a resting state.  gols do aggro, altho they have a relatively short range - so start attacking them as you see fit.  they pose no challenge to vel, but the 'draw, then melee' technique works great on them. as always, loot when you can.  and watch out for gangups - gols will join in a scrap if they sense a good scrap.

while plain iron gols are the most common gols you will find, if you head north on the road a little further, you will also encounter iron boulder gols.  they roam the iron node fields, along with the plain iron gols.  boulder gols are tougher than plain gols.  use your quest journal to keep tabs as you lay waste to the gols, looting when you have the chance.

once you have 20 (or a few less, if you haven't bound to chiconis shrine) you need, just follow the road back thru the valley, past the lair landmark, and back into chiconis.  clerash is at the end of the road.  approach and greet the mighty dragon to get your thanks and reward.


only 2 more quests from clerash, and then we will do some exploration of the bristugo changes.  i hope to see you soon!