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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

bristugo remod

Posted by velveeta Monday September 9 2019 at 7:34PM
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so, since i have finished in  lesser aradoth for now, i figured it was time to head back to chiconis to continue our interrupted town marshall quests.  since i am attuned to the bristugo shrine, i hit recall, expecting to emerge into the portal city.

and i did - staring at a wall instead of the open shrine.  this caused me no small amount of confusion, i can tell you.  i turned north, expecting to see the north gate.  however, it was revealed to me that i was, in reality, standing on the porch of a new building, looking at a new and unknown city.  turning to the south, i saw the new shrine and beyond, thankfully, the original fort area.  but where did all these trees and foliage come from??

also, what is this building i am standing in front of?  looking around, i discover that the vault and the oddities broker have a new home.  stepping back out to the porch, i see the haberdashery hasn't moved from across the way, and we now have a town crier, who shouts his news up and down the new road.

eager to see the other changes, i step off the porch and head north.  i discover that the tavernkeeper has also moved to a new location within the city - and has gained an assistant.  the north gate has been improved, looks wise, altho the well and sand pile are still in their original location.

heading back south, i was happy to see the haberdashery unchanged.  behind it, the construction area has also remained where it was, and the original fort area looked unchanged as well.  i say looked.......

but, the road is new.  the shrine is new.  the vendors across from the new shrine are new.  and standing next to the shrine, it is apparent that there are changes to the original fort as well, more than just the moving of the vault and oddities broker, as well as there being a new, secondary fort.

the original fort has lost, from the outside, anarie and illyist.  the master time traveler and rose are new (when i am done with the chiconis town marshall quests, i plan on exploring what the time traveler has to offer).  on the inside, the technique resource consignor, main tavernkeeper, and the general consignor are still in residence.

outside of the original fort, the road leading to the portals has some new stuff.  on the east side of the road is a new fort area.  the entrance hall is quite lovely, and leads to an open area with a center courtyard surrounded by open buildings.  there is a new gambling hall, run by analuus the gambler; nadja has new lodgings here, as does anarie.  there is also a new vendor - rocznica the anniversary token vendor, with her pet.  if you speak to rocznica, she will show you the wares she has in exchange for anniversary tokens.  i will find out more about her soon.....

leaving the new fort, i was happy to see that the god made vault is still in place.  behind it, someone has taken the plot and made public silos available to all.  the plot has also been decorated with some new pretties. 

finally, the portals are, of course, still there.  now, however, they are shaded by many trees, and much more pleasant than the bare stone of old.  i took the racial city portal to chiconis - knowing i will be back very soon to explore all the new changes.  i hope you come along with me when the time comes.

when next we meet, we will be back in chiconis on one of the last 3 town marshall quests.  see you soon for that!  you can find the new brist album here.