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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

laughing otter's memorial ceremonies, part 1

Posted by velveeta Sunday September 29 2019 at 2:01PM
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those of us who remembered and loved laughing otter attended a large set of memorial ceremonies, hosted by lovwyrm and flameus of chaos shard.  i present to you the entire event.

the memorial island is one of the old tutorial island (now known as the resort islands and used for seasonal and special events), and as such, is only accessible from one or 2 locations.  the easiest way, for me, was to recall to bristugo and take the main city portal to genevia island.

genevia island is much like a mini version of bristugo, in that it is also a portal 'hub' area.  there were some honor guards waiting to direct those who needed assistance, otherwise you need to take the red portal to the resort islands.  fortunately, memorial island is listed first.

once i popped up on the portal pad of memorial island, i was immediately overwhelmed by the number of people who showed up to honor laughing otter.  i knew he was much loved, but i didn't realize.  at least 5 gods made an appearance (sarsilas, liseth, zaroclaw, wergemane, and alcuina) - which comes in handy in the second part of the event - in addition to a couple folk who resubbed in order to show respect.

when the majority of the mourners had arrived, lovwyrm directed (chat one, chat two) us to enter the biped mausoleum (the grecian style building in the last screenie) and head for a particular room - entered from teh main hall - i call the universe room.  we all crammed into the room as best we could - the elder draggies morphing into khutit form to save space and lag.  it was here that those who wished to deliver an eulogy spoke the words of their hearts (chat three, chat four, chat five).  once everyone who wished to had the opportunity to speak, it was time for part 2 of the memorial ceremonies.

i will be back soon to tell you all about it, i hope you join me.  see you soon.

a sad report made with gentle happiness

Posted by velveeta Thursday September 19 2019 at 11:02PM
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unfortunately, istaria is old enough to have elder players who have died.  one of these - in game, he was known as laughing otter; in life, he was my friend and author bryan fields - died september 11th.  i was there for his decline, and posted a thread to keep his istarian friends in the know.

laughing otter was a demi-god, at least, who left before the time of troubles.  by the time istaria was back on its feet, he had moved on.

we have a memorial island in istaria (i believe i have covered it in a blog) and we are hopeful that lo will get a memorial as he deserves.  at this time, however, it is up to those who knew him to do something.

in this regard, lovwyrm and her mate, flame, have dedicated a piece of their plot for lo to be remembered.  lov posted this thread today to inform us of his celebration of life.


of course, i do not post this in expectation of strangers creating alts to remember someone they don't know.

this post is to make sure that bryan fields lives for the millions, as he should.

town marshal quest - golem training

Posted by velveeta Monday September 16 2019 at 7:30PM
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after exploring the new bristugo, enter the portal and pop up in chiconis.  remember to bind to the chiconis shrine, unless you want to keep running back to town after fulfilling the quest requirements!  clerash is just a few steps up the road south.  greet the noble dragon, choose the 'golem training' quest from the options, click the accept button, and you will get the details from clerash and your quest journal.

finding iron golems is easy.  follow the road southwest until you get to the crafter lair.  the road forks here, so take the true south road thru myrkar.  at the top of the road, you will see a normal dragon lair, which will serve as a landmark, so you know you are near chiconis.

at this point, you can find iron golems to suit your purpose in the canyons east of the road.  the downside is - the gols are very spread out over a large area.  if you want easier prey, stay on the road as it heads north thru the valley between mountain ranges.

soon enough, you will start to see the gols - usually in a resting state.  gols do aggro, altho they have a relatively short range - so start attacking them as you see fit.  they pose no challenge to vel, but the 'draw, then melee' technique works great on them. as always, loot when you can.  and watch out for gangups - gols will join in a scrap if they sense a good scrap.

while plain iron gols are the most common gols you will find, if you head north on the road a little further, you will also encounter iron boulder gols.  they roam the iron node fields, along with the plain iron gols.  boulder gols are tougher than plain gols.  use your quest journal to keep tabs as you lay waste to the gols, looting when you have the chance.

once you have 20 (or a few less, if you haven't bound to chiconis shrine) you need, just follow the road back thru the valley, past the lair landmark, and back into chiconis.  clerash is at the end of the road.  approach and greet the mighty dragon to get your thanks and reward.


only 2 more quests from clerash, and then we will do some exploration of the bristugo changes.  i hope to see you soon!

bristugo remod

Posted by velveeta Monday September 9 2019 at 7:34PM
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so, since i have finished in  lesser aradoth for now, i figured it was time to head back to chiconis to continue our interrupted town marshall quests.  since i am attuned to the bristugo shrine, i hit recall, expecting to emerge into the portal city.

and i did - staring at a wall instead of the open shrine.  this caused me no small amount of confusion, i can tell you.  i turned north, expecting to see the north gate.  however, it was revealed to me that i was, in reality, standing on the porch of a new building, looking at a new and unknown city.  turning to the south, i saw the new shrine and beyond, thankfully, the original fort area.  but where did all these trees and foliage come from??

also, what is this building i am standing in front of?  looking around, i discover that the vault and the oddities broker have a new home.  stepping back out to the porch, i see the haberdashery hasn't moved from across the way, and we now have a town crier, who shouts his news up and down the new road.

eager to see the other changes, i step off the porch and head north.  i discover that the tavernkeeper has also moved to a new location within the city - and has gained an assistant.  the north gate has been improved, looks wise, altho the well and sand pile are still in their original location.

heading back south, i was happy to see the haberdashery unchanged.  behind it, the construction area has also remained where it was, and the original fort area looked unchanged as well.  i say looked.......

but, the road is new.  the shrine is new.  the vendors across from the new shrine are new.  and standing next to the shrine, it is apparent that there are changes to the original fort as well, more than just the moving of the vault and oddities broker, as well as there being a new, secondary fort.

the original fort has lost, from the outside, anarie and illyist.  the master time traveler and rose are new (when i am done with the chiconis town marshall quests, i plan on exploring what the time traveler has to offer).  on the inside, the technique resource consignor, main tavernkeeper, and the general consignor are still in residence.

outside of the original fort, the road leading to the portals has some new stuff.  on the east side of the road is a new fort area.  the entrance hall is quite lovely, and leads to an open area with a center courtyard surrounded by open buildings.  there is a new gambling hall, run by analuus the gambler; nadja has new lodgings here, as does anarie.  there is also a new vendor - rocznica the anniversary token vendor, with her pet.  if you speak to rocznica, she will show you the wares she has in exchange for anniversary tokens.  i will find out more about her soon.....

leaving the new fort, i was happy to see that the god made vault is still in place.  behind it, someone has taken the plot and made public silos available to all.  the plot has also been decorated with some new pretties. 

finally, the portals are, of course, still there.  now, however, they are shaded by many trees, and much more pleasant than the bare stone of old.  i took the racial city portal to chiconis - knowing i will be back very soon to explore all the new changes.  i hope you come along with me when the time comes.

when next we meet, we will be back in chiconis on one of the last 3 town marshall quests.  see you soon for that!  you can find the new brist album here.

disturbance of the spirit part 12b

Posted by velveeta Monday September 2 2019 at 5:01PM
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okay, we have taken out the the pylons, but no time to rest - for elith the disgraced is already upon us!  and the undead priest has brought a couple friends!  elith and the twilight horrors will attack at the same time, and you will have a very tough battle trying to right them all into the ded book.  making the situation even worse is the fact that elith can heal instantly, forcing to to keep attention on it while the horrors keep hitting you.  this is why you will need a bodyguard or group when doing the final battle.

eventually, you will defeat elith (it is to be hoped, anyway) and you will be done, technically.  until you take care of the horrors, tho, you will be unable to escape without the high possibility of being dead on arrival.  don't forget to loot once you are free to do so!

once you have defeated elith, your quest journal will update and you will have a new item in your inventory.  travel scrolls are a quicker way to get to the main cities without having to use the portals.  they can be made by players - using expensive ingredients and time.  they are greatly prized!  completion of this part of the quest gets you one to get back to kion.. search your inventory, find the scroll, highlight and right click to open the option menu, and choose the 'use' option.  you will see a transport timer and your chat log will update as well.  wait for the splash screen to clear and you will be on the kion portal pad.

head for the shrine area to find the ghostspeak to it to find out what to do now.  the quest journal will also advise speaking with lady kendra.

take the road thru the second fort's gate.  head up and thru the statue, then up the stairs to kendra's manor house, where the female saris is on her balcony, looking out over her beloved city.

hang a left at the entrance to the manor, then immediately head up the ramp to the second floor.  you can only go down the hallway to your right, which ends at the balconyapproach the saris, greet her, and get her thanks and your reward for this long and complex questline.

the complete album is here.


so, we are done with the new content for now.  do you remember what we were doing before we started the new stuff?  it's been a couple years, so i don't blame you.  when next we meet, we will restart the town marshall quests - we are currently in the dragon city of chiconis, taking the quests from the mighty clerash.  join me for the next one soon!