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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

turn to the left, FASHION! part two - aughundell and dalimond

Posted by velveeta Monday September 10 2018 at 9:27PM
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well, we have our hats, now we just need some patterns to make our matching outfits!  i will be visiting the racial cities in alphabetical order to call on the fashion designers of istaria.  not all cities have designers - dragons don't wear clothes (as a rule, they can wear dragon costumes), so we won't be going to dralk or chiconis - and one of them has 2!  mahagra (home of the half giants) has a designer, but she doesn't sell.  there is tazoon wear, but you can't get it in tazoon (no designer). new rachival has no designer, and you get sslanis wear via a quest (which we shall undertake later).  so you can see it will be a fun exploring time!  let's get started, shall we?

since we are already in bristugo, we will head to the portals and take the main city (blue) portalaughundell should be the first destination offered, so choose it.  you will pop up on the pad just outside the city gate.  go thru the gate and head for the first building on the left.  turn left on entering and you will find muirin, the dwarven fashion designer.  approach and greet the dwarf.  she will give you the 'standard' speech (most of the other designers will say the same, so i will not show the greeting again unless there is a change), indicating that she sells the patterns, she does not make the clothes.  exit the chat and open a trade with muirin.  muirin, as with most designers, sells 2 forms - commoner wear (the easiest, most basic clothes to make), and aughundell (dwarven) wear.  most city designers sell the clothing patterns of the race the city belongs to, but this is not a hard and fast rule, as we shall see.

the trade is the same as the other trades we have done.  in the trade window, highlight and drag the items you want to buy to the 'items receiving' field.  choose the amount of the items you want to purchase - if you are in a city that is too high a level for your skill, you will get a message letting you know that you can't use an/the item yet - and click the approve button.  you have bought your first patterns!

our next city is the human town of dalimond.  you can take the aughundell port to get there; when you pop up on the pad, turn east and you will see the building where dalimond's 2 fashion designers can be found.  you have to go around to the front of the building to go inside.

as you can see, there are 2 fashion designers.  i approached loselren first.  open a trade with her, choose the items you want (try switching to list view, it might make it easier to see what you are buying), choose the amount you want, and click approve when ready.  in addition to another common wear form (duh), loselren sold me the tazoon (human) wear form.

now, turn to the gnome, gebble dazzletop.  open a trade and choose the new rachival (gnome) wear form.  choose the amount you want, click approve and your trade is complete!

there we have it, 4 new forms!  join me soon, when we will visit 2 more cities and get more.  hope to see you then!