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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

dalimond town marshal quest - slate for brains, part 1

Posted by velveeta Sunday September 24 2017 at 9:48PM
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today, we will be exploring the 'slate for brains' quest.  the quest itself is pretty straight forward; however, it requires an attunement, so i figure might as well get attunement to as many of the settlements as i can while i am about it.  so, you get to come along for the run!

so, let's get started by approaching drugan and greeting the town marshal.  from the quest list, choose and accept the slate adventure.  drugan will give you some details, backed up with your quest journal.

for some reason that escapes me at the moment, i chose to start the journey from the bristugo ports.  if you use the dalimond ports, you will see the same info and have to use the same destination, so all further info is the same for either starting point.

at the outgoing port, you will see that a good portion (if not all) of the dalimond ports are unavailable - including slate crest.  the closest 2 free portals available are izzon crest and south march.  either one is good, altho i chose izzon crest.

looking at the map, you will see that izzon crest is east of slate crest, but most of the settlements are west of it.  we will be heading to the first settlement of the tour, pleasant canyon.  an aside, on the screenie, the brown area between slate crest and the western settlements is the slate field with the gols we need to hunt.

anyhoo, you have landed in izzon crest.  before we head down the west dirt road, you want to get used to finding the guard posts in each settlement - in the future as well as for this tour.  you have prolly noticed that i am far from attuned to every destination, and it is usually the militia that gives out attunements.  so, even tho he doesn't have an attunement for us, say hi to izzon crest's private bryne johanns.

once you have made the private's acquintance, head westerly on the road until it meets the paved main road.  skirt both the reed lake and the swamp area (particularly the swamp, that is trouble you just don't need right now), and stay on teh paved road until you reach the fabric workstation.  not too far down the road from the workstation, turn off on the dirt road on your left, heading southwesterly.

stay on the road, crossing the cute bridge and wending thru the kenaf field, until you reach the fork in the road.  take the west fork thru the pass, at which point you will be in pleasant canyon proper - but still a ways to go!

at the exit of the pass, you will see the road continue thru some trees.  go down this road until you see the portal - and the green dragon standing near it.  this is noble angenehm and he will attune you to pleasant canyon when you greet him and choose his only quest.  accept the attunement and voila!  you can now port to pleasant canyon as you desire.

next stop on the tour is the community of heart, not too far north of pleasant canyon.  go thru the hills just north of angenehm to start the easy run.  up the hill and run thru the slate field, staying on a generally northwesterly course.  you will come to a small valley - jump off the edge and run up the hill on the other side.  at this point, you are in lower heart.  follow the road up the hill, as it winds thru the trees.  at the top of the rise, you will see a camp and guard post thru the trees.  go past the portal to the guard post, and find sergeant nansi illos.  the human female is a bit surly, but if you accept the quest, she will attune you to the settlement.


that's enough for now, i think.  soon, i will continue both the tour and the main reason we are here, the slate golem hunt.  join me again soon, won't you?  you can find the attunement album here.