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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

dalimond town marshal quest - bring back my honor

Posted by velveeta Monday September 18 2017 at 10:05PM
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today, we will explore drugan's quest called 'bring back my honor'.  it's a pretty straightforward adventure, so let's get to it!

approach the dalimond town marshal and greet him to access the quest list.  choose the honor quest and accept it.  take in the details, using both drugan's instruction and your quest journal.

the easiest place to hunt the leafy oastics, to my mind, is abandoned island.  so, head for the portals and choose the ai destination.  when you hit the incoming pad, you want to take the road passing the fabric workstation aka the west road.  keep running down this road, past the wood workstation and thru the ruxus territory, continuing on until you reach the west end of the elm forest.  it is here that the oastics roam.

before i began my hunt, since i had gone to all the trouble to fetch both my crossbow and the proper skewl to use it, i had to equip my beautiful - and god made (a story for another time) - crossbow.  i like to hotkey my weapons and tools (so much easier to do now that the powers that be gave the players more hotkey bars) i am currently using, so it was just a matter of hitting the proper hotkey.  as the xbow is a two handed weapon, both my hammer and shield were unequipped at the same time.  hotkeys make switching between ranged and melee weapons so much easier!!  and don't i look lovely carrying it?

and now, to use it!  this area is loaded with oastics, from the road to the shore.  just pick one, draw it with your ranged attack, then switch to melee attacks when the critter gets close.  they aren't too very tough, so a solo player should be able to draw and attack easily - they will join in a fight, but they don't otherwise aggro very hard.  a party of low levels should be able to handle this task with no problem, and a babysitter who heals/watches your back is icing, but not the cake.  once you have killed an oastic, do not forget to loot it, as oastics have several technique resources as well as trophies to sell.

relatively shortly, you will have a field of dead and your journal is telling you it is time to head back to dalimond.  recall back to the human city (i don't have to remind you to bind to the city's shrine as your first move, do i?  that should be a given.....), run the short distance to drugan's patrol, regreet him, and get your reward for your hard work.

that wasn't so hard, now, was it?  i haven't decided which quest i will do next - one is easy and the other involves an attunement tour (advance warning - it will be a two parter) - so i imagine the decision will be based on how much time i have to post.  come back soon to discover what the outcome is!


oops, almost forgot!!  here is the album link: