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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

this is my blog of the mostest awesome mmo currently available! go to for more information!

Author: velveeta

dalimond town marshal quest - tower of abbathes

Posted by velveeta Friday September 8 2017 at 8:22PM
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okay, here we go!  this will be my first post with the screenies linking to imgur.  i have done an informal test, and i hope we will have the same experience with it as we did with photobucket, before they went all pissy.  please do leave any comments - if imgur is unsatisfactory, i will continue to look for a better place to put all this wonder.

so, let's get to it, shall we?  approach drugan on his patrol and greet him, as you would normally.  accept the 'tower of abbathes' quest, and get the details.  check your quest journal as well.

drugan tells you to go to dalimond ridge, and we already know we can find ish'kuk on the mountaintop of abandoned isle, but there is one more place we can go to get this quest done.  that is the mountain on scorpion island.  as one of the purposes of this blog is to introduce you to the world i love, i decided to show you some of scorpion isle.  

first thing we need to do, of course, is get there.  go to the left hand portal and scroll down to the scorpion island: darvus destination.  when you hit the pad, turn in a generally southwesterly direction and start your run.  just over the rise, you will see a very lovely plot - owned by my friend thumblina.  take a moment to admire the excellent work, then start your run again.  pass thru the kenaf field and onto the lake shore.  jog south toward the cliff you see in the distance.

as you get closer, you will see a road running thru two hillls.  just after the pass, you will need to turn to your right to notice another dirt road heading up the cliffside.  stay on this winding path as it continues up the mountain, turning into a frosty climb, albeit a shortish one.  very soon you will reach the top of the mountain.

at the top, if you look to your left, you will see packs of winter wolves roaming the icy terrain.  yes, they will count toward the 'warmth of wolves' quest, should you decide to take it (or take it again).  you might not have too much time to look, tho, as to your right is the very boundary of the ish'kuk territory.  if you get into trouble - and you very well might - you can run for the snow arch over the road.  if you go under it, the ish'kuk usually turn back in defeat.  not always, tho, so caution is required even then.

you will have no problems finding ish'kuks to write in the ded book - they are legion here in their territory - which extends to both side of the northern end of the frozen lake.  the lake itself is swarming with frost beets, so it is not a good idea to go exploring there without backup.  in fact, a babysitter is a good idea for this quest, as a general rule.

ogres like to fight, and the cold ones are no different.  they have a fairly short aggro range, and love to gang up on a victim.  they are pretty tough, individually, and can give even a fairly high level a moment of pause when they attack en masse.  they also reapawn quite fast - more than once i had one or two respawn on top of me and immediately start attacking, which is why a babysitter comes in handy.  looting the bodies also makes them respawn quicker, as well as providing valuable loot.  keep plugging away - checking your journal for the count - until you have the required 20 ish'kuk to satisfy drugan.  i certainly hope you have bound to the dalimond shrine for a quick getaway.

once back in town, find the town marshal and speak to him to get your rewards for a job well done.

now, you may remember that i fetched my excellent crossbow from storage with the intention of using it for drawing purposes.  you may also remember that i was planning to switching to warrior, as clerics cannot use crossbows.  the sharp eyed amongst you may have noticed that i did not draw the ish'kuk to me.  this is because i neglected to switch skewls, which i remembered at a most inconvenient time.  therefore, as soon as i finished the quest, i headed to grace addlier, the dalimond warrior trainer.  she can be found in the building closest to the march (main) gate, sharing the training area with other trainers of a fighting bent.  from drugan's location, head directly south toward the walled area.  slip thru the entrance and find the good sargent in the middle building.  appraoch and greet grace, and choose the 'become a warrior' option.  if you need beginner equipment, what she offers is better than nothing, but hopefully you have friends who can make or gift you with better.  otherwise, you are now a warrior of the last level you had when you switched skewls.


well, that was fun, don't you think?  i hope you will join me again next time for more adventure!  see you then.


addendum:   the image links open in the same tab for me.  so, i will post the link for the relevant post album at the end of each post.  that way, you can open the album in a separate tab, if desired.  imgur allows me to easily title the screenies, so i can give an idea of where that particular screenie goes in the post.

the album link for this post is: