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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

krianos quests - get the garnets

Posted by velveeta Tuesday September 27 2016 at 5:44PM
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here we finally are, at the last town marshal quest for kion.  i have already done the gifted trials, and am processing the screenies now, so we will be ready and rarin to go on those next we meet.  for now, let me walk you thru the 'get the garnets' quest.  not only will you be fighting nasties, you have to run thru nasty territory to get to them.  you will get attacked by something, even if you stay on the road.  do the mantra!!

we get started, as always, by speaking to krianos and choosing the garnet quest from the list.  he will tell you the sad tale of woe and advising you to head south out of the eastern gate - going past the flax field and cws, the gruoks, past the ranger camp and into the greymane patrol area.  keep going until you reach the signposts and take the right hand fork toward sslanis.  all thru this part, both going and coming, you will be pestered by wolves.  make sure you have backup!

not too long after the signposts, you should see the shadow of spider isle on your left.  on your right, you should see some garnet nodes - a careful look will show some of the large nodes to actually be golems.  as you get closer, you will also see the entrance to a tunnel - a tunnel full of garnet gols, ripe for the killing.  if you have made it to the lost shrine, you have gone too far.  head back north until you find the tunnel.  then proceed thru the tunnel, attacking and slaying gols until you have the required 20, and head out the other end of the tunnel.

now, you simply have to fight your way back thru the wolves, past the ranger camp and gruoks, back thru the flax field and the gate, and over the sand cliff strait down to krianos.

the saris marshal thanks you for your service and gives you your reward.


that's it for kion, except for the trials.  we will start those next we meet!  see you then.

krianos quests - pig practice

Posted by velveeta Friday September 23 2016 at 7:10PM
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only 2 more marshal quests to go here in kion.  i will do the 'pig practice' quest first, because you have to take the same road in both quests.  the next quest is much more dangerous to low levels, altho this quest is no picnic either.  you know my mantra by now - group up or take a bodyguard!  

as usual, speak to krianos to see the quest list, and choose the pig practice adventure.  the quest journal provides you some further details - you need to write 20 grouks into the ded book.  this piggy critters can be found south of the city, out of the eastern gate.  head up the main road and take the left fork of the crossroad downhill from the manor house.  head out the eastern gate, thru the flax field and past the cws, and stay on this road until you see the top of a big tree - and some gruoks, including the mother of all, bessie.  gruoks do aggro, but they have a short range (unless it was just because i am extremely high level, which is why my mantra is so important!).  and bessie is one mean mother.

once your quest journal has indicated you have accomplished your bloody task, before you leave, orient yourself in preparation for the next quest by heading to the edge of the far southern cliff near the tree top landmark.  down below, you will see the ranger camp.  this will be an important landmark.  you may also remember an early quest we did, the 'pelts for the peddler 2' adventure.  we will be passing thru them in the next quest as well.  just retrace your steps - if you haven't bound to the kion shrine, which you should do - back to town and speak again to krianos to get your reward.

that's one down, and one more to go!  then we will do the trials of the gifted - arguably the most important quest in the game!  laters, gators,

krianos quests - welcome to kion

Posted by velveeta Saturday September 17 2016 at 12:30AM
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before i get back to the marshal quests, let's take a tour thru kion, shall we?  krianos starts you on the right path in the 'welcome to kion' quest.

when first you talk to the saris marshal, after taking the quest, he recommends you go around town and introduce yourself to some important peeps.  checking your quest journal will back up krianos' idea of seeking out marcus the quartermaster first.  quartermasters sell certain techniques that can't be looted from critters.

marcus is both easy to find and close by.  he is in the building (known by me as the commerce building, as it holds the connie and pb, as well as the quartermaster) directly north of the incoming port pad, on the left just inside the entry.  approach and greet him, then report back to krianos, as per your quest journal.  

krianos suggests you next seek out sharista the vaultkeeper for kion.  it's a really good idea to know where the vault is in every town and settlement.  the vault here in kion is easy to find - it is the back right building in the fort.  greet the female saris and listen to her talk, then return to krianos and let him know how the meeting went.

the town marshal thinks you are ready for the big time, and suggests you head to the manor on the hill and find the mayor of kion, lady kendra.  by now, you well know the way to the house, so once you get to the front porch, turn to your left and then immediately to your right and head up the ramp.  at the top, turn right and go thru the hallway to the balcony area.  the good lady mayor will be taking in the view of her city, and in a mood to talk.  as your quest journal suggests, report back to the kion town marshal.

the last person krianos thinks you should get to know is the leader of the city guard, commander devins.  he can be found in his top floor office in the militia headquarters, located south east of the vault.  the warrior doesn't have much time to talk, but is happy to meet you.

for the last time, return to krianos to complete the quest.  you get a nice bit of xp and a coin or two for your trouble.


next time, it is back to the marshal quests - only 2 more to go - and by then i should at least know if i can run thru the trials for us.  hope you join me!

krianos quests - trials of the gifted completed

Posted by velveeta Wednesday September 7 2016 at 7:11PM
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i am old.  old peeps take a long while to learn things.  also, i have a mild case of attention deficient, i think, because i like to jump around, can't do the same thing in a long row, if you get me.

how does that relate to today's blog?  in 2 ways.  first, i am gonna take a little break from the town marshal quests to do the other quests krianos offers; and because of that, i am gonna do the ending quest for an important quest that has been revamped - and i haven't done the new version........

all that being said, the 'side' quest (well, it is for us, i'm saying) i am gonna explore today is called 'trials of the gifted, completed'.  it does not have a wiki page, and the pages for the old version of the quest have not been updated beyond the new home of the assessors (which is kion).  in the old days, the quest(s) took place on new trismus, but since the invasion, the 5 assessors have relocated to home city of the saris.  i'm not sure if i have any alts on the live shards that are ready for the trials, but i promise to check, and if i do, i will run thru the new version for the edification of all.

the basics, however, are still the same.  you have to go thru 5 assessor trials and get 5 tokens - one from each.  the trials are (the links are to the old version pages):

  1. test of swiftness - this trial requires that you run from point a to point b as fast as possible, without buffs
  2. test of the soul - in the old version, this was more a test of speed as well.  make sure you bind to whatever shrine the questgiver suggests, as the assessor of the soul tests your connection to the shrine (basically, your ability to bind to a shrine and recall to it)
  3. test of endurance -  this trial requires that you run a long distance with a 'heavy weight', ei - overburdened about 50%.  this is another case of recall to the shrine being your very best friend, as recall counts!  given by the assessor of endurance.
  4. test of wit - this one is fun, and the wiki page is actually useful.  the assessor of wit has an assistant.  the assessor sends you, with a 'riddle token',  to the assistant, the assistant asks you to answer the riddle.  if you do so correctly, the assistant gives you another token to take back to the assessor.  you will do this a total of 3 times before the assessor gives you the final true token.  the above wiki page link has the different riddles you can be asked.
  5. test of knowledge - this one is easy.  you need to listen to some long winded scholars talk about the history of istaria.  they are all in one place and we have even been to the place before!  after listening to the assessor of knowledge, you travel to the monk island off the west coast of kion and speak/listen to the scholar of the age of dragons, the scholar of the age of warrior kings, the scholar of the age of the sorcerer, and finally, the scholar of the age of lamentations.
before starting the trials, i most emphatically recommend you know, at the very least, where all the players are located - the assessors, the scholars, the locations as much as possible.  most of the tests are timed, so forewarned is forearmed, in this case.  i will certainly try to cover all this when i do the trials.  also, i can't remember or don't know yet (in case you decide to do the trials before me) what baddies are in the path - there are sand beets on the beach on the way to the scholar island, i know), so don't be afraid to ask for a babysitter if you can't find a group of others who want to become gifted.
anyhoo, for the moment, let us assume the trials are done, and you are ready to get your gifted status and emblem.  to get them, speak to krianos and choose the trials completed quest link.  listen to his speech and wait the required time (i think it is 5 minutes, but don't quote me).  since velveeta has already - long, long ago - finished the trials, i cancelled the quest.  make sure you have the test tokens or you will not be able to get the reward - my dragon alt, mourningwood, is still ungifted because, when he tried to do the quests, they were borked and i never received the tokens to turn in.
well, thanx for going on this little side jaunt with me.  once we are finished with krianos, i will try to do the trials for us all.  in the meantime, when next we meet, i will to the city welcome tour.  this is something i am gonna try to remember to do in each town, before we start the marshal quests.  like i said at the start, it takes me a while to get some things!!  see you soon.