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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

this is my blog of the mostest awesome mmo currently available! go to for more information!

Author: velveeta

the prestige adventure skewls - elemental archer

Posted by velveeta Tuesday September 29 2015 at 10:24PM
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much like chaos warriors, elemental archers use magic to empower their arrows.  altho, officially, you only need a bow skill of 200, unofficially you also need at least a passing familiarity with using magic.

elemental archers are also unique in that, while there are 2 trainers you can join the skewl thru, one is the 'senior' and one the 'junior'.  by that i mean, sindenis of feladan is the trainer that will give you quests to perform, usually requiring one to report to tomas alerras in dalimond.

so, let's start with sindenis.  port to feladan, and head thru the arched wall.  you will find the elf under the large tree almost directly west of the port pad.  in addition to entering you into the elemental archer ranks, sindenis also has a tale to tell about the legend of the burning archer.

sindenis' partner is tomas of dalimond.  you can find him, appropriately, in the archery field outside the main gate, practicing his craft with his friend jyrris.  tomas isn't one much for talking, but he will bring you into the brotherhood of elemental archers.


and there we have it, our introduction to the wonderful world of magic archery.  join me again soon to meet more prestige trainers.  see you then!!

the prestige adventure skewls - crossbowman

Posted by velveeta Wednesday September 16 2015 at 5:53PM
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crossbowman, man, i love this skewl.  it is one i took to uber, as you will see.  cleric is more versatile, so i usually stay in that, but every so often i go on a royal hunt, and nothing like a crossbow for killing animals.  elek, the vice god of blight, made me a thornwood teched out crossbow as a gift several years back.  wouldn't trade it for mithral.

anyhoo, enough of that.  crossbowman is an elite specialization of archer.  the requirements are pretty standard = skill of 200 in crossbow and level 20 in any adventure skewl.  two basic adventure skewls give the skill - of the two (scout and warrior), scout gives you the best chance of killing those birds with one stone.

when you are ready, there are 2 trainers to meet.  first up, you could visit sebas greme in mahagra.  to speak to the half-giant (notice in the speech screenie that, altho the xbowman trainers have quests to give, i am too high level to do them.  also notice the size difference in the portrait screenie), head for the back left of the main fort.  sebas waits in the corner behind the shrine.

aughundell, of course, has an expert xbowman trainer, a dwarf called broghar.  once past the mine entrance, swing left and you will see broghar against the wall.  approach him and ask about joining the noble ranks of crossbowmen.  he also has a tale to tell concerning the siege of the city by the withered aegis.


hope you enjoyed learning about one of my fave skewls.  check it out and see if you like it, it can be a real fun skewl!  see you again soon.

the prestige adventure skewls - conjurer

Posted by velveeta Tuesday September 8 2015 at 7:01PM
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in istaria, conjurers make tangible items out of the intangible force of magic.  they are basically specialized mages, so you need a base skill of 160 in summoning, and level 20 in any adventuring skewl.  leveling to 20 in mage will satisfy both those requirements. 


there is only one conjurer trainer, and as befits the tinkering nature of the skewl, that trainer is a gnome in the city of new rachival.  you will find turble on the upper left level of the fort, in the first room, left of the entrance.  speak to the male gnome, he has a task that only conjurers can perform.


and there we have it, short and sweet.  join me again soon to discover another prestige skewl and meet more trainers.  see you soon!!