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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

this is my blog of the mostest awesome mmo currently available! go to for more information!

Author: velveeta

journeyman and expert miner trainers

Posted by velveeta Friday September 19 2014 at 8:20PM
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as i said in the previous post, today we will meet the jman and expert miner trainers.

nels baandi is the jman trainer, and you can find him in mahagra - in a small building near the fort.  he is happy to sell you jman forms.

you may have noticed by now, that aughundell is the place for the high tier trainers.  such is the case for the expert miner - fulthas oreseeker.  he is to be found in the lowest level of the mine (i believe we have covered that route in a recent past post), and sells, of course, expert forms.

miners working with gemstones will need a mining pick to harvest the gems.  to turn the raw stones into cut gems, you need the proper form and skill level, of course, along with a gem cutter tool and a gem cutter machine - usually found in a jewelry workstation in tandem with a jeweler's table.


and there we have come, to the end of the basic crafting skewls.  when next we meet, we will start with the prestige skewls - first up, the construction skewls!!  see you soon.

beginner miner trainers

Posted by velveeta Friday September 12 2014 at 8:17PM
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time to meet the miner trainers!  first up, as usual, are the beginner trainers.

you can find gaeta in new trismus, in the workstation down the road from the gem mine, in the very edge of the cliff near pratt's pond.  the dwarf will sell you forms, and will take part in beginner crafting quests.

outside the dalimond city gates, down the road from the gatherer trainer, you will find jasmine in the stone workstation sheltered in a tiny canyon.  she also sells beginner forms, ones for making blighted versions of resources, in addition to the basic ones.

the last beginner miner trainer is in parsinia - hopefully, you remember the suburb of kion from our previous discussions.  raine can be found in the tower just inside the gate and to the left.  she sells the same forms as jasmine.


next time, since there is only one of each, we will meet the jman and expert trainers for miners and i will tell you about the tools miners use when working gems.  after that, we will start with the construction trainers.  these are 'prestige' craft skewls, and therefore, there is usually only one trainer for each level of expertise.  plus, we have already covered the resource locations for all the materials these skewls use.  so, i expect each skewl will have one post for it - shouldn't be a need for too much filler, ya ken!!   hope to see you back here soon!


my fave gem resource locations

Posted by velveeta Friday September 5 2014 at 11:12PM
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the second resource skewl, along with gatherer, is the miner.  where gatherers work with organic materials, miners specialize in the inorganic - metal, stone, and gems.  since we have already covered the other two, let's take a look at where to find the 6 tiers of gemstone nodes.  each tier has 3 different gems associated with it - fortunately, all three types will be found together or in very close proximity to each other, making harvesting easy.  in addition, more than any other resource, gems have workstations convenient to the fields.  on the down side, they are among the most guarded of resources, making them dangerous to work.

anyhoo, you know the routine by now.  i will first post the wiki info, then i will post my thoughts.  please keep in mind that i have not worked extensively with gems, and do not have first hand experience of locations of, and what might be guarding, the higher (5 and 6) tier locations.  thanx again to yildar for the mappack!  you would be very wise to assume, based on the map locations of those tiers, that those nodes will be heavily and massively guarded by extreme nasties.  at the very least, most fields will be guarded by golems of the appropriate type - so i will be using the pix of the gols to give you an idea of what the gems look like, as the wiki doesn't have that info.


tier 1:

wiki description:  the 3 t1 gems are malachite, garnet, and turquoise.  the wiki page gives the following locations to find these gems:

my thoughts:  seeing as all other locations are guarded (not that that bothers vel, it's just who needs the extra aggravation of dealing with the gols while harvesting?), i like new trismus to harvest t1 gems.  i have already introduced you to the evil place's gem mine, so i will just remind you that it is located on the left side of the road between the windmill and pratt's pond, near the sandstone field.  you head down the cavern to find 2 large, connected caves full of nodes.  the gem workstation is down the right hand fork of the road, across from the pond.
tier 2:
wiki description:  amethyst, lapis lazuli, and rose quartz are the t2 gems.  this is the tier where they become annoyingly guarded.  just something to keep in mind for the rest of the post!  find them in the following locations:
my thoughts:  okay, the only reason i go to abandoned isle for my t2 gems is for the gws.  it is annoyingly guarded by ishkuk and ice beets, and the gws itself is a pain to get to, as is the field.  first, of course, you have to be attuned to ai, then you have to run around to the west end of the island and find the entrance to the mountains, behind the waterfall.  then you have to battle your way to the field itself, then climb to the very top to reach the gws.  for my money, t2 gems are the worst resources to harvest and work.
tier 3:
wiki description:  for t3, we find aquamarine, citrine, and jasper as gem resources (no screenies available).  the wiki sez you can find them in the following locations:
*in the 'maze' surrounding the Tower of Healing
my thoughts:  yes, as such things are reckoned, summit is a good place.  lightly guarded (if you pick the right spots, you can avoid the gols easily) - but no handy gws unless someone has built one on a nearby plot.  i prefer the augh mine location.  it is guarded by nickel gols, but the field is small and compact with generous rich and motherlode nodes, and the gws is steps away.  plus, the augh ports are but a short run away.
tier 4:
wiki description:  jade, opal, and topaz (no screenies) make up the gems comprising t4 resources.  you can find them:
my thoughts:  ah, blessed dralk.  i love that place.  unguarded and a gws in the public lair in the middle of the cobalt field down the road.  go there or go square!
tier 5:
wiki description:  gem resources for this tier are emerald, fire opal, and peridot.  the following locations are very well guarded:
my thoughts:  since you aren't getting away with harvesting without being bothered, i prefer to, at least, have a gws handy.  therefore, i go to the isles of ice and fire.  at least on the ice isle, you have a couple gws to use. 
tier 6:
wiki description:  the last tier gems are difficult to find, harvest, and process.  i don't have a lot of experience working this tier, as yet, so this info is based on the wiki and mappack.  based on the locations - widespread and located in dangerously high level areas - there are much easier ways to level your miner.  wiki gives only one location for finding diamonds, rubies, and sapphires:
<table sortable"="" border="1">
my thoughts:  as i stated, i haven't done any of these gems.  the following info is based on mappack search.  for diamonds, go to the area north of the eastern outpost.  rubies can be found between harro and the eastern outpost.  sapphires, both blighted and unblighted, are located near the wan coast, east of harro and the eastern outpost.
that's it for gems.  come back next time and i will introduce you to the trainers you will meet while becoming an expert miner.  see you soon!