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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

conclusions to a couple previous quests

Posted by velveeta Wednesday September 4 2013 at 8:15PM
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thanx to the most appreciated assistance of vice god elek, in his guise of alan the mighty saris, i was able to get several adventurer quests done, including the quests of 2 trainers i have already covered.  so, in the interests of completeness, i present the endings for you now.


first up, severant and the drain strike VIII quest:

alan and i went to the eastern outpost to do some hunting.  once we had taken care of the needed forest oastics, as the quest journal shows, i headed back to severant in dralk, waiting patiently (notice the question mark icon, indicating a quest in progress).  severant tells you of the good job you did, and checking your character page under adventure abilities tab, you will get the lowdown on your new skill.


next, zebeginia and the hardened scales quest (there is no wiki page for this quest yet): 

fortunately, there were dire wolves that counted for this quest in the eastern outpost, so while we were hunting the oastics, i was able to get about 15 wolves.  alan had to go for a while, so i ported to selen and ran to the selen forest to finish the last 5 wolves.  they are tough and they aggro, so i did rack up a death point while finishing this quest.  but, eventually, i did get the job done!  i returned to zebeginia and got the 'good job' speech.  i forgot to get the detail screenie, sorry!!


the other quests i finished are for trainers i haven't covered yet, so now you have something to look forward to!!

see ya soon with more!!