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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

this is my blog of the mostest awesome mmo currently available! go to for more information!

Author: velveeta

the trophy room

Posted by velveeta Wednesday September 29 2010 at 8:21PM
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This week's comic requires a quote from myself:
*Pictures mounting Sog's head on my hall's wall.*
Head Hunter

Notes: Originally was only going to be Sog...but I got carried away.


I lurk within the depths of your mind, for I am INSANITY!

derexx's very late report to the cheese queen

Posted by velveeta Monday September 27 2010 at 8:07PM
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hails and greetings, my liege!

i humbly beg you to forgive my lateness in presenting reports!  i was unavoidably detained, therefore i am most pleased to tell you about not one, but two momentous occasions in the honored realm of order!


first, the most excellent tinkerer awdz bodkins required some parts for a new experiment.  she asked her fellow dwellers of order to assist in obtaining them, and offered a great reward.  many took up the task, but only two were able to obtain the items in the time needed.

the human thaliaa obtained most of the items first, but was missing a crucial item - a distintive shield. so, necessity being the mother of invention, she set about creating one!  meanwhile, dragon tagath also searched for the needed items, finding them barely in the time alotted.

the host was happy to provide the reward to the pair, as she will be able to finish the experiment!


just yesterday, my queen, i was honored to attend a rare double ascension to ancienthod!  honored kalthalis and vesper gathered many friends to witness this event.

a by no means complete guest list included yours truly, as well as nyoko, eidolen and tarnak (both on hand to monitor the energies of the rare occasion), starstilanxs, magnumer, calihan, aucapoma, tsargoth, byzil, caliginosus, akrion, silvyra, shymmer, vaega, ninian, and shagreth.

the beginning spheres expanded and expanded before fading away to reveal the new ancients where before adults had stood.

kalthalis remained in the pool to bathe the ascension residue off as lovely vesper passed out trout as a party favor.

the pair then returned to the pool as the after party began!


once again, i beg your forgiveness for the tardiness of my reports, and hope that the joy of them will make up for my faults!


adieu, your highness, until my next report!

another xanthia gift! sorry for the sudden barrage, real life prevented me from staying current!

Posted by velveeta Wednesday September 22 2010 at 6:15PM
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So one day I decided I am going to play around with the character creation. I start making a dryad, trying to decide what color combination I am going to give it and figuring out what tattoos would really look nice.

At some point I realize something: Who cares!

Dryads are so small half the time you don't even realize they are there.
Not to mention the fact that I am going to be wearing armor the entire time..... effectively covering all these markings and "clever" color combos - and rendering all my efforts to be a complete waste of time!

Notes: The armored guy is really a gnome on stilts.
And yes, it is the return of the "Frekkin' Flippers" guy you all seem to like so much.


I lurk within the depths of your mind, for I am INSANITY!


hoard is dangerous to your health

Posted by velveeta Wednesday September 22 2010 at 6:08PM
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Ever wonder why it is that unlike in the "real world", the bipeds of Istaria never seem to have an interest in collecting treasure, valuables and other shiny shiny things?

It is cause THIS happens.


Notes: These comics are free, but I will accept donations in the form of hoard. ;D *holds out grubby paws*



I lurk within the depths of your mind, for I am INSANITY!

fly free: a video to inspire and instruct hatchlings

Posted by velveeta Wednesday September 22 2010 at 5:38PM
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the great solitaire created a short video showing some of the trials and tribulations a hatchie must go thru to gain his wings.......

quite lovely, as befits the talents of an art god of istaria!


as long as we are on the subject, here is gengel's gallery of istarian artwork - definitely worth checking out!

after the drought comes the downpour!

Posted by velveeta Tuesday September 7 2010 at 11:19PM
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xanthia has another new comic!!  its the biggest one so far, so i am posting the link to the orginal thread - if i tried to smush it like the last one, it would be incomprehensible!

check out the madness here.....

been a long time, but here is the new comic!

Posted by velveeta Friday September 3 2010 at 6:12PM
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First let me take the time to thank you the readers.
I wasn't planning on making anymore comics after the incident with a particularly nasty virus. But after hearing for the past few months from people who enjoyed them and requested I do more.... could I deny you! So for those people who encouraged me and got my lazy butt back to work- this comic is for you!

Secret Sauce

Notes: By the way, did anyone notice this is the first time I ever gave a character a name? Well officially that is. Technically, I've named most of my characters in my comics (for my own musing), but I've debating for a while whether or not to make them all official. Part of me thinks it be better cause it might make them more.....mmmm what is the word I am looking for.... "likable" if you can attach a name to them rather than constantly thinking: "Oh it's that guy". Plus it a bit difficult to write banter between characters when you are purposefully avoiding names. At the same time I am worried that if I do give them names I might end up "falling in love" with them. As in - I'll be more tempted to draw the same characters over and over again rather than making new ones. Or that I will come out with comics that -while funny- will become less and less "on topic" with "Istaria". Even now I am still debating it in my head-and I probably still will be for the years to come! Of course... if anyone here actually can request me to and save me the mental strain.

Also you don't get a cookie for guessing what npc inspired me for Doc. :P


I lurk within the depths of your mind, for I am INSANITY!