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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

disturbance of the spirit part 12a

Posted by velveeta Tuesday August 27 2019 at 7:21PM
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so, here we are, at the very last subquest of this exciting and funfilled questline.  i hope you have enjoyed it as much as i have!  let's get started, shall we?

we are standing with ryson's ghost, still in the chamber of devotion.  greet the spirit and accept the quest on offer.  your quest journal will update to advise you to use the imbued shard of twilight in order to fight the big bad. 

it was a while ago, so in case you don't remember, we obtained the shard itself in the hidden room of the chamber of wisdom.  the imbued part comes from the essence orbs we made in the last subquest.  equipping the shard (i didn't do it at this point of the quest, as you will see) uses an orb as 'fuel'.

also, from this point on, i do not know how a group situation would work.  i am sure if a group can do the ritual ending part, as the quest calls for a person to fight elith.  i have to think, tho, as long as everyone fits the conditions, you should be able to fight the pylons and elith as a team.  if you are not in a group, you will need a high level babysitter to fight off the baddies not subject to the need for the twilight effect - as you will see soon.  also, PLEASE do not forget to buff yourself and accept buffs from your babysitter, you will def need them.

so, we must head for the center of the temple, under the green crystal.  by now, we are well aware of the guards, adepts, and sentries we must fight thru to even get to the pylons.  this will be our last chance to loot (if all goes well, anyway), so grab those goodies while you can.  continue fighting and looting the way to the pylons.  just before you get there, if you didn't do it before leaving the chamber, it is time to use the shard.

open inventory, click the 'name' field to sort items by name - by now, you should have a quite full backpack - and scroll until you find the shard.  highlight it and right click, then click the 'use shard' option.  the chat log will update and there will be visual evidence that the shard is working.

it doesn't matter which pylon you start with, so start with the closest.  try to keep in the sweet spot - out of aggro range for both the lesser baddies on patrol and elith - who is invulnerable until the pylons come down.  go ahead and attack the pylon - they aren't so very tough, thankfully.  don't forget to loot, there is some good stuff to be had.  continue around the ritual area, taking out the four pylons until they are all gone and the quest journal updates with the instruction to defeat elith.

come back soon for the conclusion of this long questline, one that has taken us all over the lesser aradoth island.  you should have gone up several levels and have a backpack full of things to sell for coin or use for yourself.  see you then!