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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

disturbance of the spirit part 11c

Posted by velveeta Friday August 16 2019 at 8:25PM
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we have gathered the essence, now we have to do something with it.  in order to do that, we have to head for the chamber of devotion.  you will notice that ryson's ghost has disappeared as well, presumably to wait for you to arrive at the chamber.

starting at the ghost's last known location, you need to head down the chamber entrance hall to the main inner sanctum area.  fight the baddies and if you can, duck behind the braziers to minimize battle encounters as you get to the stairs.  we all know the routine by now - take out the guards, cross the platform, and go down the stairs on the other side.

skirt the wall behind the braziers and you can miss a lot of nastiness, but you will have to fight a few sentries at the entrance to the chamber of devotion.  i was apparently still having chat log probs, and had to rely on my quest journal for details on what to do next.

the essence channeling workstation is mere steps from ryson, as is the cabal adepts roaming the place.  write it into the ded book and prepare to create the needed orbs.

as i mentioned previously, my chat log didn't pop up for at least 2 convos with the ghost, including one where you get the formula to make the twilight essence orbs.  you will need to access your inventory, locate the orb form, highlight it and right click.  choose the 'scribe' option, highlight the form again when the screen pops up, and click the 'scribe' button.  your chat log will let you know you have successfully scribed the formula into your book of knowledge.

minimize your inventory and open your 'knowledge' tab.  find the twilight essence orb form under the 'formula' tab - strictly speaking, you don't need to have the knowledge tab open to create the orbs (as you will see in a minute), but i am thinking we will need to make more eventually, so you might want to hotkey it, just in case.

now, right click on the essence channeler to open the creation screen.  on the left side, click the '\' button on the right side of the top 4 fields to auto equip the required items for creation.  the batches field always defaults to 1, so use the slider or click the arrow button to make the max number you can.  the quality field defaults to higher success rate, and i advise leaving it there.  chances are pretty good we will be heading back to hunt wisps again, anyway.  once you have everything in order, click the 'create' button to make the orbs.  your chat log and quest journal will let you know you have succeeded.  

time to head back to ryson, but chances are very good that something is in your way.  defeat whatever it is (don't forget to loot) and greet ryson.  fortunately, the chat log is working again, and the ghost gives us words and rewards.

join me again soon for the next subquest.  the entire album can be found here.