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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

disturbance of the spirit part 11b

Posted by velveeta Saturday August 10 2019 at 8:29PM
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we continue on our way to the chamber of resistance.  i may have mentioned before, the later stages of this questline are very combat intensive.  if you can get thru the subquests, you will gain at least a couple levels, maybe more with group bonuses.  providing, of course, you survive....

but, i always assume you will, so i should get started on the next bit, shouldn't i?

leaving the chamber of wisdom, i turned right into the inner sanctum.  of course, there are baddies everywhere, so wipe them out and continue to the stairs.  go up, fight off the sentries to the other set of steps, and head down to the main hall area.  if you are lucky, you can avoid the guards patrolling the area and make it safely to the other side of the inner sanctum.  climb the stairs, fight (and loot!) the baddies, and go down the other side.  

you are now in the inner sanctum area in front of the chamber of resistance.  the guards have brought backup, so you are in for a nice battle before you even set foot in the chamber hall.  speaking of, as you look down it, you can see ryson waiting for you.  of course, you have to go thru the guard to get to him.

of course, getting to the ghost will prolly require another battle, so write the foe in the ded book and approach the ghost.  you don't have to greet him, as ryson will talk to you first, and the quest journal will update.  

time to hunt some eventide wisps!  there is a natural balcony of sorts running around the chamber, and that is where the wisps can be found.  they may appear to be separated when first encountered, but they quickly come together to fight as one.  you have to kill both of them, of course, but you must loot them to get the required essence.  use your journal to keep track of the looted essence until you have the amount required.  my advice is to loot extra, because you can never have enough of a resource offered in a questline.  head back to ryson when you have the needed ingredients.

we will stop here and make the journey to the chamber of devotion when next we meet.  i hope you come back for the conclusion of this subquest.  see you soon!