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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

lucrative sidetrack, part two - chiconis trophy hunter

Posted by velveeta Friday August 17 2018 at 8:49PM
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so, we have dumped some inventory and gotten some coin, but we still have a lot of stuff we can sell.  before we leave chiconis in search of more filthy lucre, we should visit the chiconis trophy hunter to kill those 2 birds with one stone.

trophy hunters are stationed in every racial city, because they also give out trophy quests in addition to trading in trophies.  we may, at some point in the future, explore trophy quests; however, there are hundreds of them, and they are all the same - hunt a particular creature until you have the required number of trophies to turn in.

that's a topic for another day, tho.  today we are interested in trade.  since every racial city has a trophy hunter, we just need to find the one in chiconis.  fortunately, that is quite easy - baltorros is directly opposite stervineth, an equal distance from clerash, next to the main outgoing portal.  approach the dragon and greet as usual.  as you can see, baltorros feels i am too high level, really, to be hunting the trophies the dragon wants, but offers the hunts nevertheless.

exit out of the chat and right click baltorros and choose to trade.  the trade window will open - remember to switch to your inventory tab.  trophies will be easy to find - they are always round icons with a T in the center.  clicking the icon will show you the tier and a description of the token.  remember - brokers of this type only take their tier and lower in trade (hence, baltorros telling me i was too high level for his quests).

we went thru the trade process last time, and it is identical in process to the oddities broker.  after searching your inventory, click and drag the icon to the 'items giving' field.  choose how many of the tokens you want to sell (remember, the trade window always default to the max number).  the hunter will let you know if they want your token and how much they will pay for it.  trophy hunters, like most traders, have a limit to the number of individual items they will accept in one trade, so you may have to do more than one.  whenever you are ready, click the 'approve' button, receive your thanx, and exit the trade window if you haven't chosen the 'close window on trade' option.


that's it for what we can do here in chiconis.  join me next time, when we port to bristugo to see a different kind of trade.  see you soon!