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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

lucrative sidetrack, part one - chiconis oddities broker

Posted by velveeta Sunday August 12 2018 at 7:22PM
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so, while looting the lapis lazuli golems from the last town marshal quest, i began to get the 'unable to loot due to full inventory' message - which i usually only get from crafting.  basically, tthru all the quests we have been doing, i haven't dumped any loot; therefore, my inventory was full of stuff and a decision had to be made regarding disposal of said stuff.

in istaria, there are 2 ways to get rid of (non-quest needed, more on that in a second) loot - sell or storage.  since i am basically out of storage options, i prefer to sell my loot.  except for hoard - hoard goes to dragon friends!  if you don't have any dragon friends, make some!

loot itself falls into one of 3 types (most times, you will get a combo of the 3):  odditites (aka junk items - things that used to get dumped from inventory), trophies, and technique resources.  in the old days, the first item was useless and worthless; since the revamp, you can now sell them for coin, which is kewl.  i believe there may be a couple quests that require them as well, but i haven't confirm that yet.  that being the case, let's start with the oddities broker.  brokers are a specialized form of pawnbrokers, and follow those rules in trading.  i know of 3 oddities brokers - rhagool in new trimus, his brother rhahool in bristugo, and stervineth in chiconis.  since they are so new, there is no wiki page on whether there are others in the main cities, but i would suppose at least most of them do.

since we are in chiconis, tho, we will visit stervineth.  the dragon broker is easy to find - he is almost directly behind clerash, next to the outgoing portal.  approach stervineth and greet him in the usual way - his speech will explain his purpose.  close that window, right click stervineth again, and this time, choose 'trade with stervineth' instead of the usual greet.

(the following process is pretty much s.o.p. for dealing with brokers and most trades.  small details may change, but the basic process should be familiar)

upon clicking the trade option, a trade window will appear.  most of the left side of the window is the inventory field.  the window opens by default in the vendor's inventory, so you must click the 'yours' tab to open your inventory.  in the upper right of this field is the list option buttons - you can choose from list or icon.  listing the contents may be easier for those not yet familiar with the icons.  if you hover on an icon, a details screen for that item will appear.  it will give you a description of the item and, most importantly, the tier level.

once you find an item you want to sell, click and drag it to the 'items giving' field at the lower right of the trade window.  when you release the item, a subwindow will appear, asking how many of the item you want to sell.  the default is all, so if you only want to sell some, here is where you will indicate that.  in the 'items receiving' field just above the giving one, you will see the amount of coin you will get for that item's trade.  when you click the 'okay' button, you will get a bit of commentary in the lower left of the trade window - remember, brokers only take their tier or lower items in trade - stervineth will take tier 2 and tier 1 items, but not tier 3.

fill up your giving field (almost all the brokers and trading vendors will only take a certain number of different items in one trade, so if you are like me and haven't been selling stuff, you will need to make more than one trade to clean your inventory) and the 'approve' button in the lower right of the trade window, under the giving field.  you will be thanked and a bit richer with a smaller inventory.



next time, we will meet the chiconis trophy hunter and learn about this particular type of trade.  hope so see you back for that!