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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

chiconis town marshal - never left out

Posted by velveeta Saturday August 4 2018 at 12:25AM
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today's quest is 'never left out'.  it is a relatively easy quest for the level, and should be soloable.  let's get started, shall we?

as usual, we approach clerash and greet the mighty dragon.  choose the quest from teh list, accept it, and get the details from clerash.  check your quest journal as well, of course.

for this quest, we are travelling southeast of chiconis, across the river, to the observatory outpost area, to hunt lapis lazuli golems.  we have been very near the area of the golems for other observatory quests, so you should have access to the portal there.  unfortunately, there is no portal destination to the outpost from chiconis, so you have to port to bristugo, choose the red portal and reorder the regions, and scroll down until you see the observatory outpost destination.  when you land at the outpost, turn northwestish and run down the cliffs until you land at the lapis field.  the gols patrol the canyons here, and will be easily visible from where you land.  remember to buff up before you battle!

gols are fairly easy to hunt, as i mentioned above.  they have very little aggro range (altho, i have been thinking, i am quite a high level, and i wonder if that doesn't have something to do with the easy range.  characters of the equilivent level might have a different experience.  as always, a group or babysitter is highly desirable), altho gangups do happen.  and given the size of the gols, it's like being in a moving rock slide!

you do need to be aware that the named golem, azalac (shown here in the golem inactive state), patrols here with its minions.  the good news is that golems are easy targets for the 'draw and beat' technique, altho the ranged weapons generally will not cause all that much damage.  don't forget to loot - gols have very lucrative loot!!  **

the gols are widespread thruout the canyons, and you will get a lot of exercise to hunt them down.  just take your time, and soon enough you will have written the required 20 into the ded book.  now you only need to recall to chiconis, regreet clerash, and get your reward.

**  so, while i was looting, i discovered that my inventory was full of all the trophies, oddities, hoard, and technique resources from all the quests we have done.  therefore, with the next couple posts, we will explore how to fix this situation, and make some coin in the process.  after that, we will be free to return to clerash and his many demands for our assistance!


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