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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

this is my blog of the mostest awesome mmo currently available! go to for more information!

Author: velveeta

lucrative sidetrack, part three - technique resource consignor

Posted by velveeta Friday August 24 2018 at 10:26PM
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well, we have made great inroads in our inventory cleanout, but there is still one more trade we can try.  this is merely a temporary fix, but it is good to use to clear up space.

as i mentioned at the end of the last post, we need to port to bristugo (using the main city portal right next to baltorros).  just up the road from the shrine is the fort - that's where we want to go.  say hi to the other vendors along the path as you enter the fort proper.  turn left toward the grandfather clock and find sir aidan the reasonable.  sir aidan likes to research in the library, so you may also find him in there.

unlike stervineth and baltorros, sir aidan is a consignor.  consignors are different in that they are middle men - they sell your items for a fee, and if they don't sell in 14 days, the items are returned to your inventory.  so for our purpose, this is a temporary measure.  they also charge a fee to sell your items (altho there are several ways around this).  sir aidan specializes in technique resources - ingredients vital to the crafting of techniques to apply to weapons, tools, armor, clothes, etc.  

greet sir aidan as usual.  if you click the link in his speech, it will open a trade tutorial subwindow.  the tutorial will give you an indepth study of the different types of trades, so feel free to go thru it at your leisure.

now, exit out of the the chat window and right click aidan to choose the trade option.  here, the process is familiar; the usual trade window opens, switch from sir aidan's inventory to yours, find a resource (should be much easier now, altho some of them are small and hard to see), drag it to the 'items giving' field.

here's where things take a turn from what we are used to.  instead of asking you how many of the item you want to give, a subwindow opens asking you how much you want to sell the item for to other players.  you can charge as much as you want, but these are the lowest tiers of resources, so i usually just charge 1cp.  click okay to continue.

the process returns to normal from this point - you are asked to choose how many of the item you want to sell.  remember, the default is all of them, so change the amount if you want and click okay.  sir aidan will let you know how much he is charging you (if anything) to sell the items.  as a specialist, there are things he won't sell for you, and he will only take so many different items in one trade.  when you are ready, click the approve button and the trade is complete!

so, we have a bit more coin and a cleaner inventory, but i could still get rid of more!  i have 2 plots, and there is a lot of low level hoard - every little bit helps! - so i figured i would go home and dump it for mourningwood.  i used the handy portal right there in bristugo and headed to the industrial complex, so as to dump formulas and the hoardstuff.  all my alts are part of the same guild, so i knew i would be able to access mw's plot to store it all.  imagine my surprise when i was unable to access anything!  apparently, the plot permissions had been reset to default, which is locked.

of course, that meant having to log in mw to reset the perms, but since i was there already, i went over to the palace complex and reset the perms on it.  step one is to open the plot marker and click on a building in the lower left corner of the window that opens. step two - notice the structure permissions field on the middle right of the window.  you have three choices for a building's permission; locked (which is default), open (anyone can browse and access - very not recommended), and guild only (self explanatory).  choose your level (guild only is most usual) and wait 25 seconds.  once the timer is up, the new permission is in place.

not done yet, tho!  on the last tab - plot permissions - you need to set the overall plot permission.  you have 4 choices here: deny all, allow all, guild only, friends only (because you might not have a guild).  i choose guild only, click 'submit changes', wait out the timer, and i am all done.  time to dump the rest of the stuff!

and that is the end of that.  we should be a little richer and a lot lighter now.  next time, we are gonna spend some of that new pelf.  come back to find out on what!  see you soon.


the album for this series can be found here.

lucrative sidetrack, part two - chiconis trophy hunter

Posted by velveeta Friday August 17 2018 at 7:49PM
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so, we have dumped some inventory and gotten some coin, but we still have a lot of stuff we can sell.  before we leave chiconis in search of more filthy lucre, we should visit the chiconis trophy hunter to kill those 2 birds with one stone.

trophy hunters are stationed in every racial city, because they also give out trophy quests in addition to trading in trophies.  we may, at some point in the future, explore trophy quests; however, there are hundreds of them, and they are all the same - hunt a particular creature until you have the required number of trophies to turn in.

that's a topic for another day, tho.  today we are interested in trade.  since every racial city has a trophy hunter, we just need to find the one in chiconis.  fortunately, that is quite easy - baltorros is directly opposite stervineth, an equal distance from clerash, next to the main outgoing portal.  approach the dragon and greet as usual.  as you can see, baltorros feels i am too high level, really, to be hunting the trophies the dragon wants, but offers the hunts nevertheless.

exit out of the chat and right click baltorros and choose to trade.  the trade window will open - remember to switch to your inventory tab.  trophies will be easy to find - they are always round icons with a T in the center.  clicking the icon will show you the tier and a description of the token.  remember - brokers of this type only take their tier and lower in trade (hence, baltorros telling me i was too high level for his quests).

we went thru the trade process last time, and it is identical in process to the oddities broker.  after searching your inventory, click and drag the icon to the 'items giving' field.  choose how many of the tokens you want to sell (remember, the trade window always default to the max number).  the hunter will let you know if they want your token and how much they will pay for it.  trophy hunters, like most traders, have a limit to the number of individual items they will accept in one trade, so you may have to do more than one.  whenever you are ready, click the 'approve' button, receive your thanx, and exit the trade window if you haven't chosen the 'close window on trade' option.


that's it for what we can do here in chiconis.  join me next time, when we port to bristugo to see a different kind of trade.  see you soon!



lucrative sidetrack, part one - chiconis oddities broker

Posted by velveeta Sunday August 12 2018 at 6:22PM
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so, while looting the lapis lazuli golems from the last town marshal quest, i began to get the 'unable to loot due to full inventory' message - which i usually only get from crafting.  basically, tthru all the quests we have been doing, i haven't dumped any loot; therefore, my inventory was full of stuff and a decision had to be made regarding disposal of said stuff.

in istaria, there are 2 ways to get rid of (non-quest needed, more on that in a second) loot - sell or storage.  since i am basically out of storage options, i prefer to sell my loot.  except for hoard - hoard goes to dragon friends!  if you don't have any dragon friends, make some!

loot itself falls into one of 3 types (most times, you will get a combo of the 3):  odditites (aka junk items - things that used to get dumped from inventory), trophies, and technique resources.  in the old days, the first item was useless and worthless; since the revamp, you can now sell them for coin, which is kewl.  i believe there may be a couple quests that require them as well, but i haven't confirm that yet.  that being the case, let's start with the oddities broker.  brokers are a specialized form of pawnbrokers, and follow those rules in trading.  i know of 3 oddities brokers - rhagool in new trimus, his brother rhahool in bristugo, and stervineth in chiconis.  since they are so new, there is no wiki page on whether there are others in the main cities, but i would suppose at least most of them do.

since we are in chiconis, tho, we will visit stervineth.  the dragon broker is easy to find - he is almost directly behind clerash, next to the outgoing portal.  approach stervineth and greet him in the usual way - his speech will explain his purpose.  close that window, right click stervineth again, and this time, choose 'trade with stervineth' instead of the usual greet.

(the following process is pretty much s.o.p. for dealing with brokers and most trades.  small details may change, but the basic process should be familiar)

upon clicking the trade option, a trade window will appear.  most of the left side of the window is the inventory field.  the window opens by default in the vendor's inventory, so you must click the 'yours' tab to open your inventory.  in the upper right of this field is the list option buttons - you can choose from list or icon.  listing the contents may be easier for those not yet familiar with the icons.  if you hover on an icon, a details screen for that item will appear.  it will give you a description of the item and, most importantly, the tier level.

once you find an item you want to sell, click and drag it to the 'items giving' field at the lower right of the trade window.  when you release the item, a subwindow will appear, asking how many of the item you want to sell.  the default is all, so if you only want to sell some, here is where you will indicate that.  in the 'items receiving' field just above the giving one, you will see the amount of coin you will get for that item's trade.  when you click the 'okay' button, you will get a bit of commentary in the lower left of the trade window - remember, brokers only take their tier or lower items in trade - stervineth will take tier 2 and tier 1 items, but not tier 3.

fill up your giving field (almost all the brokers and trading vendors will only take a certain number of different items in one trade, so if you are like me and haven't been selling stuff, you will need to make more than one trade to clean your inventory) and the 'approve' button in the lower right of the trade window, under the giving field.  you will be thanked and a bit richer with a smaller inventory.



next time, we will meet the chiconis trophy hunter and learn about this particular type of trade.  hope so see you back for that!

chiconis town marshal - never left out

Posted by velveeta Saturday August 4 2018 at 12:25AM
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today's quest is 'never left out'.  it is a relatively easy quest for the level, and should be soloable.  let's get started, shall we?

as usual, we approach clerash and greet the mighty dragon.  choose the quest from teh list, accept it, and get the details from clerash.  check your quest journal as well, of course.

for this quest, we are travelling southeast of chiconis, across the river, to the observatory outpost area, to hunt lapis lazuli golems.  we have been very near the area of the golems for other observatory quests, so you should have access to the portal there.  unfortunately, there is no portal destination to the outpost from chiconis, so you have to port to bristugo, choose the red portal and reorder the regions, and scroll down until you see the observatory outpost destination.  when you land at the outpost, turn northwestish and run down the cliffs until you land at the lapis field.  the gols patrol the canyons here, and will be easily visible from where you land.  remember to buff up before you battle!

gols are fairly easy to hunt, as i mentioned above.  they have very little aggro range (altho, i have been thinking, i am quite a high level, and i wonder if that doesn't have something to do with the easy range.  characters of the equilivent level might have a different experience.  as always, a group or babysitter is highly desirable), altho gangups do happen.  and given the size of the gols, it's like being in a moving rock slide!

you do need to be aware that the named golem, azalac (shown here in the golem inactive state), patrols here with its minions.  the good news is that golems are easy targets for the 'draw and beat' technique, altho the ranged weapons generally will not cause all that much damage.  don't forget to loot - gols have very lucrative loot!!  **

the gols are widespread thruout the canyons, and you will get a lot of exercise to hunt them down.  just take your time, and soon enough you will have written the required 20 into the ded book.  now you only need to recall to chiconis, regreet clerash, and get your reward.

**  so, while i was looting, i discovered that my inventory was full of all the trophies, oddities, hoard, and technique resources from all the quests we have done.  therefore, with the next couple posts, we will explore how to fix this situation, and make some coin in the process.  after that, we will be free to return to clerash and his many demands for our assistance!


the complete album is here