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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

dalimond town marshal quest - warmth of wolves

Posted by velveeta Tuesday August 22 2017 at 10:47PM
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i occurred to me, after i posted the abandoned island attunement blog, that you can do it at the same time as one of drugan's quests.  i apologise for not thinking of it sooner.

that being said, this would be a great adventure to kill both those birds with one stone; however, this is a very tough adventure.  i, personally, feel that it is too tough for the level (26+) it is rated.  i think that it is impossible to solo quickly for anyone under level 30, and even a group of comparable leveled characters will have a difficult time - better have a healer, hopefully one with a rez or two handy.  a couple of babysitters, particularly if one is a flying dragon, will be needed.  let me show you why.

finally, we are ready to approach the dalimond town marshal, drugan nandosh.  the human male patrols the triangle around the statue in the city center.  approach him and greet him to access the quest list.  choose 'the warmth of wolves' from the list and accept.  drugan will give you some more info and, of course, check your quest journal.

there are several places to hunt winter wolves, but they are all dangerous (well, maybe not new korelia, but that's a lot of porting).  so, now is the time to do the ai attunement quest, if you haven't.  under the assumption that you can get there (i will do it by porting), from the pad, head in a southwesterly direction, following the road.  the road roams thru an elm forest, so you will naturally pass a wood workstation.  just past the wws, you will be in ruxus territory.  make a note, we will be coming back for them later.

a little way down the road from the ruxus, you will run into another critter we will be meeting later - leafy oastics.  i think i will save any further info about them for that time.  and yes, they do look like giant green phage viruses.

keep running thru oastic territory, staying on the road as it turns northerly, until you see the salt deposits.  ahead of you, on the right, you will see a waterfall with a path running behind it.  go up this path behind the waterfall and begin to climb the mountain.

just a note, while climbing the mountain, stay close to the mountainside.  the path can get quite narrow and you don't want to fall off the path!

in just a little bit, the path will deadend at the entrance to an ice tunnel.  since there is no other choice, enter the tunnel and run thru until you reach the other end.  here you will be in a high pass, so go thru it and onto the ice path, which is very narrow.  you will come to another narrow pass going thru the mountain.  you will also start to run into the baddies - on the path, that is gonna be ice ogres, aka sal'guks and ish'kuks.  this is where the flying dragon bodyguard comes in handy - they can fly ahead and deal with them for you.  however you do it, deal with it you must, if you want to continue.  don't forget to loot - trophies are worth money.

eventually, you will reach another pass.  it's a short one, and it opens up onto a foggy, snowy plain.  head left, skirting the big crack in the mountain (of course), and you will end up on the edge of a field of gems - and lots of baddies.  from here on in, you will have to deal with frost beets and ogres, as well as wolves.  and this is just the edge of the patrol area - just over the hill is the main field.

but we are here for the winter wolves.  20 of them.  that's a lot.  fortunately for us, they like to travel in packs.  unfortuntely for us, that means at least 8 wolves (an alpha and the warriors) attacking at a time.  so, think about the situation.  you are surrounded by nasties that love to party.  do you see why i think this is a more difficult adventure than its rating?  

but enough of that.  take out the wolves however you need to.  sometimes you will find one or two of them alone, and if you can draw (more on that in a bit) them, you can pick them off slowly.  after quite a while - but no death points, hopefully - you will eventually get your 20 required wolves.  

i hope to all the gods that you have bound to the dalimond shrine, but if you haven't, get to the field side of the big crack.  from here, you can jump down and land on the pile of rocks at the entrance to the ice tunnel, avoiding the ogres and the long run back down the icy path.  you can port to dalimond at the lighthouse portal after the run back.

once back in dalimond, greet drugan to get your reward.

after i finished the quest, i realized it was getting time to retrieve my most excellent crossbow, for drawing purposes (i do have spells that will draw as well, eventually you will see those.  i'm more of a fighter than a magic user, personally......), that i am gonna have to change class to warrior to use.  so i went off to the vault to get it.  while there, i noticed that i had a shield emblem from the loyalty vendor, so i decided to apply it to my shield.  looks pretty cunning, don't you think?

and that is our first dalimond adventure.  hope you liked it, at least enough to come back for the next one!  see you soon.